What does SMP stand for in Minecraft?

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There are a number of Minecraft servers available that have brought communities together and provided players with a great experience. While servers are nothing new, a new term is emerging in the wider Minecraft population. Here is the abbreviation SMP.

If you see the SMP mentioned in the presence of Minecraft, all that is being transmitted is the server in question, the “Survivor Multiplayer” server. Basically, we just let you know that when you play with others in this world, you don’t expect any creative features, but rather traditional Minecraft controls.

There are a number of SMP Minecraft servers. They contain:


Anarchic servers have no rules. With what you find, you can do basically anything you want, including structures and other players. Undoubtedly, this will involve fighting for life and destroying the buildings that people have made, so you will accept toxicity here.


The factions will basically make you join the gang and fight other factions for land, objects or anything else. These servers rely heavily on PvP aspects with many battles and factions between factions.


These servers will require new players to download their mods to entertain. They can involve simple graphical changes or completely change the Minecraft environment.


Where other servers can involve a lot of fighting and possibly grief, Peace Servers will turn off aspects of PvP so people can’t attack you. These communities tend to be very enjoyable and useful.


Skyblock servers take place on floating islands, which require you to make do with the resources you have in this area. This is a very popular type of server that brings a lot of people.


As you can expect, this is a pure Minecraft experience. Nothing touched. No mods, no new features. However, if you want to find new friends who will enjoy this experience, this is ideal for you.

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