What does Lupical mean in Genshin Impact?

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With the action of 1000 questions with Paimon going on, the Genshin Impact players are bombarded with questions about the game. Your knowledge game will need to be in place to answer them all, and there is no shame when you come across the internet to get to some of them because they are not easy.

One of the many questions players ask is what Lupical means. Lupical is a very specific word that appears in the game when playing Razor missions. In fact, there is a task called The Meaning of Lupical that players must complete in order to progress through the story.

Lupical basically means family, a concept that is very important to Razor, who was effectively raised by wolves in the woods outside Mondstadt. The pack of wolves became Razor’s robber. Razor uses the word several times when talking about wolves, and it also appears a lot in his idle chatter if you have it in your party.

Lupical is not, we can say, a real word, but it’s definitely fun. The first half of the word seems to come from the Latin word Lupus for wolf, while the second half of “ical” may be a game of the biological family concept. Regardless of the origin, the meaning is clear, Razor really loves his wolf family.

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