What does diff mean in Overwatch?

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Overwatch has always been a multiplayer game that relies heavily on your team to work together to win the match. Suppose that only one player is successful in his turn, or that the game in the game is hard for Widowmaker in the other team. In this case, you find it difficult to organize a competitive match. Recently, a new term called diff has appeared in Overwatch. Here’s what it means.

Since we’re talking about Internet culture, it should be pretty obvious that diff is usually used to cast a shadow over someone in the game, whether on your team or in opposition. Diff stands for Difference. If one of the players on both sides has poor performance in someone’s eyes, he could say that there is a difference in the match. On the other hand, you can sometimes see someone praising an excellent player by calling them a “diff” in a positive light.

For example, if both teams have Doomfist and one side dominates while the other is constantly brawling and dying, the smaller one would be called a “Doomfist diff,” or simply put, “The Doomfist is the difference in why we lost. “

Although often used to indicate opposite sides playing a character and dominating, the difference can also be used for roles. If a healer constantly chooses the ideal time to do his or her best and constantly keeps his teammates alive, they can be described as a “healing difference.”

It’s common for Overwatch players to discuss where a team went wrong in a lost match, so it’s not surprising to see how they use the term diff. Some people also aren’t very consistent with how they use diff, so if you’re trying to troll or knock someone down, ignore them.

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