What do sheep eat in Minecraft?

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Sheep have been in Minecraft since the beginning, which is your way of gathering wool to create bed and sleep overnight. This is a much faster and safer way to collect wool, as opposed to collecting strings from spiders. If you want to raise sheep or keep them alive, here’s what they eat in Minecraft.

Although you can see the sheep bending to the ground and eating grass on the dirt, you cannot feed them grass yourself. Instead, you will either need to collect or grow wheat and use it for feeding to replenish your health or have it multiplied. You can find wheat in the gardens of the villages, or you can grow it by obtaining seeds from breaking tall grass and planting them on the hoe of the hoe. Place water blocks nearby to grow faster.

With Wheat in hand, all the surrounding sheep will be watching you unless you put it away or get far enough away. Communicate with them and they will eat wheat. If hearts start to fly out of them, they are ready to breed and will look for another sheep that does the same to create a little sheep. If you feed wheat to a baby sheep, it will mature faster.

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