What character should you play in Scarlet Nexus? – Yuito and Kasane differences

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When launching Scarlet Nexus, players will have to choose between Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall, two playable characters. Both characters have different game styles, but players should know an even more important thing about them.

The characters actually have their own campaigns, which gives the player the opportunity to experience the same story from two different angles.

Yuito Sumeragi

Yuito comes from a large family that is a descendant of the founder, an important figure in the world of Scarlet Nexus. This young man is cheerful and optimistic with an unwavering and kind heart. As a child, he was rescued by the OSF, and this inspired him to join as a volunteer to restore favor to others.

Yuito fights in close proximity using a combination of his sword and psychokinesis abilities. Because he can draw on his team’s abilities, he is especially dangerous and his abilities are very diverse.

Kasane Randall

Kasane was researched by the OSF and was always the best in her class among the elite cadets at the academy. She is great, rational and highly capable, but thanks to that she can be a little indifferent to the situation of others. She is very close to her adoptive sister. Rather, he fights within range with flying blade attacks and also has access to powerful psychokinetic abilities.

If you only have time to play once, then it’s best to choose ranged or short-range play styles based on your preferences, but hopefully you’ll be able to play a campaign with both characters to get the most out of the game.

Since we spent with both characters, we would say that the balance between them is quite close and it is quite difficult to choose a clear victory between the two characters.

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