What can you do with Tuff in Minecraft?

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The block you will find in Minecraft is called Tuff. It’s a light gray block that you can find in your world if you dig under Y = 16. The only way to extract and retrieve this block is to use a pickaxe. If you use anything else, the block does not cancel anything and is removed instead. What can you do with Tuff in Minecraft and what is it used for?

Aside from using tuff to decorate and adding to the many piles of blocks inside your base for that, there’s not much else you could use. If you want to add it to the wall and use it for any particular decoration project, this is the best way to handle it. It does not appear in any craft project after updating Minecraft 1.17 in the first part of Caves and Cliffs.

What Tuff works like in your Minecraft works as a way to appear deepslate. When the Tuff block takes up space, there is a chance that there will also be a diamond, gold, iron, lapis lazuli or redstone ore, and when that happens, Tuff will become a deepslate block instead. The tuff must have the ore to hit it, and if so, a block of deepslate will appear in your world.

Although when you mine the Tuff block from space, it does nothing, the real core of the matter is that it creates deep ore. You just can’t communicate with it to change anything at all. It is mostly the world that creates this deep shale. If you are near Tuff, it is likely that there may be several blocks of deep slate nearby.

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