What age is Eula in Genshin Impact?

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Eula is a character who was introduced by Genshin Impact in update 1.5. Her battalion first appeared in the game on May 18, 2021. Eula is a user of kryo, who is armed with Claymore and excels in physically damaging her.

Eula Lawrence is a rebellious descendant of an old aristocratic family who spends much more time on the battlefield than she does in higher society. She has completely severed her relationship with her clan so that she can continue her interest in martial and martial arts, and is now a Knight of Spindrift, hunting down the enemies of Mondstadt and trying to protect the city.

Although we know that Eula’s birthday is October 25, we currently have no information about the age of the character. This could be revealed or at least suggested during future missions of the story. The figure is considered to be about 5’5 výšku in height.

Eula also plays the role of Captain of the Knights of the Favonius Reconnaissance Company, and no one really knows what her motivations were for leaving her previous privileged life. However, she is a fierce fighter who is known for causing bursts of damage and incredibly hard physical attacks.

Eulu can only be earned through the Wish game system, and once her Banner disappears, players will have to wait until she returns before trying again to win it.

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