“We’re confident that we’ll see PC players return,” says Marvel’s Avengers dev amidst reports of dwindling player base

“We are confident that we will see the return of PC players,” says Marvel’s Avengers dev amid reports of a dwindling player base

Crystal Dynamics has large plans with Marvel’s Avengers, and the developer says what comes will convey outdated players again.

Marvel’s Avengers He appears to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Although it was solely launched in September, the sport hardly ever is available in online conversations, which is the alternative of what you need from a service recreation on this fashion.

The mixture of bugs, the dearth of significant content material within the endings, and huge communication gaps from the developer of Crystal Dynamics precipitated the players to surrender the sport. As he famous ForbesSteam Avengers numbers are dangerously shut drop below 1000 in parallel.

Even in the most effective of instances, the sport by no means had an enormous viewers, with a most of solely 31,000 when launched on Steam. The most seen aspect impact of such a small player base is that it extends match-up instances past what most players contemplate cheap, if the sport might place you in a match in any respect. Not even the sheer quantity of wrestling actions in Avengers helps, together with the actual fact that you’ll be able to solely have one of the identical heroes available.

But Crystal Dynamics will not be fearful. After a number of weeks of radio silence, the developer appeared and stated Kotaku in a press release that the content material that the Avengers will purchase within the subsequent few weeks and past will convey outdated players again.

This is the place the top of the studio, Scot Amos, stated.

To our players: we fight every day to create the best game for our community. At Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, we have a great community management team that provides the development team with all your concerns, suggestions, and feedback every day. We listen. We make repairs, improvements and additions as quickly as possible to make Marvel’s Avengers a game we all aspire to.

So within the coming weeks, we now have a quantity of new content material items, together with: a model new sort of War Zone mission known as Tachyon Rifts, a brand new Outpost, which is a leap ahead for brand spanking new story missions sooner or later, and AIM’s Cloning Lab, which requires a coordinated group of 4 players to excessive degree beat new high loot rewards for completion. And in every of these updates, we tweak and repair bugs to enhance the general expertise.

In addition, we’ve announced two new Heroes coming in the near future: Kate Bishop in Operation: Taking AIM, and then an operation with two features starring Clint Barton … these are the “two Hawkeyes” we mentioned in the last War Table . These new operations build directly on where the main Reassemble campaign ended in the basic game, and will strengthen the overall world story forward with new secrets and villains as well as new multiplayer content..

Finally, we will likely be including new content material to the sport within the coming months as we deal with points and the general stability of the sport, together with the distribution of loot and high quality of life options, every trying to enhance our every day collaborative accessibility expertise – on communication instruments to stability the economic system.!

We look forward to seeing PC players (as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players) returning to the game as we add exciting new late-game content and show that we continue to focus on improving the game.

We’ll have extra data and particulars in regards to the very shut declines in weblog content material scheduled for subsequent week, and we’ll quickly have new neighborhood communication initiatives to share much more enjoyable and helpful data with you. Thank you for actually realizing the most effective of what Marvel’s Avengers can turn into with us on this journey. “

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