Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox Series S runs in dynamic 1080, ray-tracing on PC has slight advantage over consoles

Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox Series S runs in 1080 dynamic decision, PC beam watching has little advantage over consoles

According to Ubisoft, the very best decision Watch Dogs Legion on the Xbox Series S will likely be dynamic 1080.

We’re talking to Wccftech, the corporate’s chief programmer, Galvin Whitlock, stated that was the case Watch Dogs: Legion and Xbox Series X.

Whitlock additionally talked about the variations between the reflections noticed by the beams throughout the PC and the brand new era consoles, and the PC clearly has solely a slight advantage.

“The basics of ray tracing are the same on all platforms that support it,” Whitlock stated. “With RTX on a PC, we perform beam tracking for rougher surfaces in multiple situations.”

“Ray tracking is based on a simplified version of the world we track rays into.” This has been optimized individually for every platform to maximise the variety of beams we are able to course of.

“Overall, the look is similar on all platforms that support ray tracing, but side by side, only experts will be able to tell the differences.”

Whitlock additionally confirmed that ray tracing will work on new AMD playing cards as quickly as it’s launched.

Watch Dogs: Legion is now out there for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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