Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a standalone mode available to all owners on PC

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a standalone mode available to all owners on a PC

Watch Dogs: Legion gets zombie mode and is available to all PC game owners today.

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is currently in a standalone mode available to everyone Watch Dogs: Legion owners on PC.

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Players can expect frequent updates, developer insights, and “constant conversation: how testing progresses.

The mode is accessible via Ubisoft Connect and includes a London full of zombies, Albion soldiers and Kelley enforcers, who amass the supplies you have to get to ensure the survival of your crew.

Whether you are going to play solo, with friends or with up to three other players through public matchmaking, you will need to be smart in your resources, in your tactics and plan ahead to collect supplies, search for power-ups and drop out of London alive.

Each supply run begins with a random survivor and a gadget. You will search the map for supplies, power-ups and plan a route to avoid hordes of zombies.

You can lure them to the Albion guard post, and when they are scattered, plunder supplies such as gadgets, ammunition, and weapons and climb unscathed.

Once you have reached the minimum required amount, head to the extraction point and back to safety. Each successful run will reward you with “Z-credits” and you will get more credits for any stock above the minimum requirement.

Z-Creds can then be used to “prepare for the next supply run,” allowing you to purchase gadgets and weapons, some of which are only available for credits and cannot be looted as supplies.

To get to the Legion of the Dead, you can find “Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead” on the “Free Games” tab on Ubisoft Connect. You can also use the Search bar to enter Legion of the Dead.

Here are some tips for playing the mode from Ubisoft:

  • Hold together. When one teammate falls, the whole team fails.
  • Enhancements (question mark icons on the world map) will replenish your ammo, giving random abilities, weapons or gadgets that are necessary to reach the extraction point. Make sure you use the gadgets you find in Power-Ups to fight or avoid the Zombie Horde – you can’t remove them all.
  • Speaking of zombies, you can get to safety by standing on vehicles, climbing over fences, or simply avoiding them. They also respond to noise. Shooting an unarmed weapon or sprinting across the street will alert nearby zombies to your position. Choose your battles carefully.

Ubisoft said it is currently only available for PCs because it wants the mode to be developed with gamers so that it can iterate frequently and fix it frequently.

To make this possible, the team must quickly deploy patches and have full control over it on the PC. As the team moves toward the beta phase, it will be added to the console, Stadium, and Luna.

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