Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead – alpha details, launch date, and more


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Watch Dogs: Legion title Update 4.5 brought a number of changes to the game, including an early alpha version of the upcoming zombie mode for the PC Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead. This game mode offers players a unique experience of survival in a modified version of dystopian London’s basic game, which was overcome by the undead. This article covers all the details about this new game mode, from the release date to what you will do when you run the streets and survive like anyone else.

What do you do in Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead?

watch dogs - legions of dead details
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In this brand new game mode, Watch Dogs: Legion, which you know, is gone. You can jump as a solo player or with up to three others. You will be assigned a random survivor of the hundreds that walk through the streets of London in the main game, and you will get one random gadget to help you. From there, you must survive.

The goal of this game mode is simple. Collect the minimum number of supplies and get to the mining site. Once there, you will be pulled out of London and saved. You will also receive several Z-credits for your efforts, which you can use to purchase new weapons, gadgets and other useful items to better prepare you for the next run.

Vans can be found all over London. While some are hidden from places off the road, most are guarded by Kelly criminals or Albion soldiers. Both of these groups began to store supplies as soon as the outbreak began, and now they live in fortresses filled with them. Players need to use technology around London and their gadget and Operative abilities to penetrate these forts and retrieve these supplies without having to die.

All this must be done in a single run. If your operative dies, they are gone forever. You will not be able to return and collect supplies to complete the run. You will have to start again.

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead – release date

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is currently in alpha for PC. At the time of writing, Ubisoft has not provided a release date for game mode. It is expected to run for all platforms once developers have resolved most of the issues found in the coming weeks and months through fixes.

How can you play Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead?

You can play Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead if you own a basic PC game and have an Ubisoft Connect account. You can also play the game mode via Ubisoft + if you have a subscription. If you play when the game mode on the PC is in the alpha version, Ubisoft will he gave a few numbers This can affect your experience. The fix is ​​in the works to solve these problems and more.

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