Wasteland 3 Very Hostile Takeover Quest – Side with Charley Knowes or the Monster Army?

Wasteland 3 Very Hostile Takeover Quest – Side with Charley Knowes or the Monster Army?

Although it’s certainly one of the shorter duties you’ll encounter throughout your time Wasteland 3, Very hostile takeover has actual long-term implications for the two distinguished factions of the sport.

What’s extra, you HAVE do it on time. If you allow the space and take too lengthy with different duties, the ensuing battle will begin with out you and everybody shall be lifeless.

Wasteland 3 Very Hostile Takeover Quest

As quickly as you assist Flab in the weird process at Nightmare, your gangster acquaintance Charley Knowes will greet you the subsequent time you enter the map of the world in Colorado.

He watched Operation Monster Army for some time and swam your method: assist him take over Bizarre and get a bit of cake.

Now you’ve gotten a selection: you may kill the Cartel and save the Monster Army, or you may be part of the gangsters. As we mentioned, when you let the downside clear up itself, you’ll not get something from anybody and you’ll lose entry to The Bizarre retailers.

On the gangsters aspect:

Go to Bizarre Exterior, then up in the direction of the parking storage and to the left – the place there’s a enormous gorilla.


Talk to Charley, you … monster, make it clear that you’re able to launch an assault. After crossing the scene, you’ll meet him at the entrance to the buying middle.

They’ve eliminated the outer guards, but it surely’s as much as you to wash the inside. They’ll ship you down first.

Enter the weird inside and it is you and your staff towards about ten powerful Monster Army items, plus Simon Squatch and Flab Impaler.

It’s not a really tough battle, it is dependent upon your stage, so battle your method between them to get to Flab. Deal with it too, then return to the entrance.

When you are completed, discuss to Charley at the door. The caravan grasp hits and you’ll finish the dialog with the assist of Kiss Ass 6, in any other case he shall be killed.

Now discuss to Charley in Flab’s previous room and he’ll provide you with a terrific grand – alongside with a key card – to his secure in the parking storage. Money is the essential reward, safe content material is a bit grumpy and never a terrific profit. On Flab’s physique, nonetheless, you get his safe key with vampire cosmetics on your Kodiak and characters.

Thanks to Charley’s assist, you continue to have entry to Bizarra retailers, so it is nonetheless higher than nothing.

To the Monster Army:

Who would not actually wish to maintain folks in a enjoyable monster?

If you kill Charley however do not go to Flab first, you then won’t be able to seek out the process and you’ll not obtain any reward. But when you go and inform Flab that Charley is out to kill him whenever you get a radio broadcast, he’ll provide you with some cash and ask you to handle Charley.

Make a deed of their hiding place in the storage after which return to Flab with a 30% low cost in any respect distributors, +15 monster military representatives and some hundred {dollars}.

IMO, this can be a significantly better reward and you’ll nonetheless get pleasure from certainly one of the most well-known crooked ghosts in the sport.

After this quest, it’s most likely time so that you can go to Denver and take over your first baby Buchanan in The Zealot quest in Wasteland 3.

Or for different aspect quests, this is our information to Wolf’s Hunt.

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