Wasteland 3 The Zealot quest – How to arrest Valor alive

Wasteland 3 The Zealot quest – How to arrest Valor alive

Now that you’ve got oriented your self in Colorado, it is time to tackle the primary of Buchanan’s kids: Valor. It’s not a fight sort, as an alternative it prefers computer systems and safety techniques. But to carry him, you have to first cope with the Gippers, a infamous cult that the Patriarch retains solely candy as a result of they provide Colorado Springs with oil.

Like many main duties in Wasteland 3, Zealot is a multi-layered story with a number of endings relying in your occasions. Here is an instance of how everybody will find yourself.

Wasteland 3 The Zealot Quest

Before you permit, you have to equip your Kodiak on your work. This means finishing the Rad Attack activity first, which entails recruiting storage workers within the Unwelcome Guests part earlier than buying a brand new radiation-resistant chassis from them at Ranger headquarters.

Talk to Fastback or one of many Cotters and select a stage 1 or 2 chassis relying on how a lot cash you need to spend – it prices ~ 1500-1700 $.

You can now journey to Denver from a world map through radiation. It’s within the northeast nook.

As you strategy the town, you might be pushed out of Kodiak on the highway.

It is Freedom that conveys the message that it’ll not come quietly. You can grill her about her brothers, or assault her if you want to die. Otherwise they are going to allow you to go and you’ll proceed for Valor.

Walk your method to the town by crossing the scene. You have been met by Sister Glory and Mother Nancy Reliance. He assessments members of two neighboring factions within the space – robotic communes and Godfishers.

You can kiss Ass 4 within the viewers with Reagan, but it surely’s greatest to keep well mannered anyway. The Kiss Ass gives you a Rep level with The Gippers. However, don’t offend the Reagan-boot, in any other case you’ll lose a repetition level.

Once completed, you’ll be invited to the Western White House in your left.

Go inside and search all of the rooms, decide up the duty from Wyman and make a remark of the subsystem computer systems for later. When you are prepared, go to the protected door in the back of the constructing.

At the underside of the steps you will see that Valor, Nancy Reliance and Reagan AI.

Once you enter, Valor will acknowledge you and protest towards AI. But Nancy will mainly provide to promote you Valor if you may get a switch module that can give the Reagan AI a human physique. Accept and you’ll head to the robotic village to the east.

While strolling, or for those who head south, the Godfather will likely be welcome sooner. He will ask you to sabotage the terminals within the White House and in return will kill all of the Gippers.

You can agree even when you don’t intend to assist them, as a result of it makes it simpler for his or her camps to cross to the airport neighborhood with no combat.

Wasteland 3 Robot Commune

At the doorway to the airport you’ll meet a Greet-o spider robotic. Don’t attempt to overpower his mind – no spoilers, however belief me. Ask for the switch module and it’ll redirect you to the tower.

Follow the trail round, reward SAL on her radio station and eventually you will see that your self in a big space filled with named robots. To your left is the Little Sparrow, with whom you possibly can have intercourse that can go away you sick – it is humorous and will not final, so I might suggest doing it.

On the far left you possibly can assist Pico together with his hologram recreation. He will attempt to speak it each time, so you possibly can win every spherical by merely selecting an assault.

You can use Nerd Stuff 7 to be much less empathetic however extra in a position to combat, or Hard Ass 6 to select at random, which he would not like.

For painted billboards, additionally speak to the artist’s robotic. Be sort once more and deal with him like a robotic’s personal work – do not ask if there’s a human unique.

Wasteland 3 Counterintelligence quest

On the best way to the precise, you may discover Vivisecto, with whom you have to communicate for the Wyman Quest. It may also flip you right into a cyborg for a payment and set up cyber upgrades in your individual.

His lacking VICI assistant is discovered by the door subsequent to Pico, and there are many bile bombers and Drools within the disused hangar. You will meet VICI by the door on the precise after the mutant room. Save her from the animals and she is going to speak to you.

Take tissue samples for Vivisecto and you’ll both use Nerd Stuff on the robotic to shut it down or invite it again to your medical facility at Ranger HQ. I selected the latter and she or he gives you a singular benefit. The Animal Whisperer ability guide is buried in entrance of VICI.

Return to the physician and he’ll need to compensate with a small amount of money if you cannot speak to marry his assistant. Either method, he’ll obtain samples and offer you data. When you come to the White House and full the duty, give it to Wyman.

Down the corridor it is a slot machine – deposit some cash, then repair it with Nerd Stuff 5 or Mechanics 6 to promote you quite a lot of fascinating issues.

You ought to now be informed that the tower is prepared to speak to you. Make your method there and speak to Tinker alongside the best way. Use Kiss Ass 4 and persuade Tinker to proceed his life as an alternative of performing towards the Rangers, and they are going to be quietly grateful to you.

In the subsequent set of doorways, a hidden Creepy Doll is buried down the steps to the left of Jimmy-6.

Finally, go up the steps to the tower. Tell him you want a switch module, however he’ll consider for those who’re ok for robots on the best way right here to see if he ought to be hostile.

If you have been pleasant, he would provide you with a module, however ask you not to switch intelligence to the vessel, however to present it to you, to be “free.”

As a reward, assist with synthetic intelligence will offer you a helper robotic helper – which is superb in fight.

Wasteland 3 Zealot Quest ends

Return to the Gipper Complex in Denver and it is time to select – kill all of them, take Reagan’s facet, or assist the robots.

On the best way again, you could have the prospect to save a razor blade from a gaggle of waste wolves in an oil subject and get it as an animal companion – it provides you a bonus penetration for those who can enchant it.

Selection of Godfishers:

If you need to kill all of them, there is a terminal you possibly can attain with 5 Lockpick and Mechanics underneath the Reagan statue (proven within the following picture). Sabotage it after which head to the 2 contained in the White House, on both facet of the primary staircase.

You should cross Kiss Ass 6, 5 for those who like Gippers, or Hard Ass 5 to verify with the guards at station 1 to get round.

Everyone sabotaged, speak to Flensing concerning the oil subject, and the Godfishers launch a devastating assault. You can nonetheless take Reagan’s synthetic intelligence to the robots, however the Patriarch may be very sad. In reality, you possibly can’t full the mission. I might not suggest doing this primarily based on that.

Gipper choice:

To switch intelligence to a brand new physique, go to the bunker within the White House. Turns out they need to switch it to Vic, so it might be Reagan ruling in Colorado.

With Kiss Ass 5 you possibly can lie and management the terminal. Then you could have the choice to switch Reagan to Valor, machines or Ranger headquarters.

If you go together with the switch, the Gippers will betray you for those who attempt to arrest Valor. But kill them and you’ll nonetheless settle for him.

If you flip Valor right into a Reagan and let him stick with the Gippers, then the patriarch will not be greatest happy, however you’ll full the duty with out reward from him. Instead, you get a singular rocket launcher: Reagan’s Gaze.

To your self:

Transferring Reagan’s AI to Ranger headquarters means you possibly can maintain it hostage to get Valor unscathed and with no combat. However, the machines will not be completely happy and you’ll not get the reward they provided. The patriarch is stressed and cares just for his son. It gives you XP and a pile of ammo.

However, for those who discover that you’ve taken her hostage, you’ll suppose that you might return it to both the robots or the Gippers after you could have secured Valor – I am unable to discover a method to do it.

Robot choice:

Giving Reagan’s AI immediately to machines begins a giant combat. But for those who kill Gipper, you possibly can take Valor unscathed. It’s a protracted and tough battle, however I feel it is value it ultimately.

Overall, the Gippers appear to be unhealthy on this scenario. If you belief them, they are going to betray you and it is extremely attainable to get Valor alive.

I’d say one of the best resolution when it comes to XP and rewards is to cross Reagan to the machines, permitting you to return there for cyber enhancements if you would like them, and in addition pack you a strong follower of disco boots.

If you need to facet with the machines, I extremely suggest evacuating the Godfisher camps utilizing the duty you get from Sister Glory in entrance of the White House, and in addition offering data to Wyman in her activity. This signifies that you get all the advantages of XP for advancing your character from the Gippers, but additionally one of the best reward from the machines and keep on the good mercy of the patriarch.

Also, for those who sabotage the statue of Reagan first by the terminals talked about in Godfisher’s finish earlier, you possibly can then begin the final battle of the Godfishers after destroying their camps. The ensuing brawl weakens Gippery, making it a lot simpler to combat Valor.


Whatever you select, then return to the Patriarch to get him up to velocity. Even for those who disobey his needs, he’s prepared to provide you with yet another likelihood. To keep away from skinny ice, you have to both take Reagan hostage or ship him to a machine neighborhood.

For extra data on Wasteland 3, see our chractor construct information.

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