Wasteland 3 Nightmare in the Bizarre quest – Where to find the Payaso Limerick

Wasteland 3 Nightmare in the Bizarre quest – Where to find the Payaso Limerick

Residents of the Monster Army in Colorado’s premier downtown have an excellent trigger, however nothing lasts endlessly. As quickly as you stroll by the door, you can be greeted by an explosive pig and from there it can solely worsen.

If you’re in search of a approach to enter The Bizarre, that is a part of the Unwelcome Guest – whose information we have now right here.

When you come to Bizarr, speak to Simon Squatch subsequent door and inform you about the Monster Army’s issues.

He directs you to Flab at the again, up the stairs. Talk to him and he leaves it to the undeniable fact that issues usually are not utterly steady in the territory of the Monster Army, as soon as a strong gang is approaching its final legs.

Accept his request for assist and the reward for his work is a ability guide and $ 666. Ask for some particulars and in case you fought Payasos on the market, it is possible for you to to transfer the search goal instantly.

Wasteland 3 Nightmare in a weird quest

Head to the east facet of the bar and there you may work together with the crossing scene and enter the Warren. Before you permit, ensure you have medicines and ammunition from shops in inventory – do not forget, as I’m…

Down in Warren, you will meet Gywnplaine in entrance of pigs. If you need, you may catch a pig as an animal companion – they’re fairly good if you’re amongst mates.

Next to the room you’ll meet DJ RIP. Let’s say you are there for a deal and also you get a rep level. Let’s say you’re the guardians and your fame will enhance.

The first query is a reference to the unique Ghostbusters – which got here out in 1984. Let’s say you imagine and offer you some cash and treasured junk. Let’s say no and also you get a Sonic Emitter and more cash.

Finally, speak to Frank E. Steen in the far nook of the room to transfer ahead.

Inside the tunnels, you’ll begin to encounter Waste Wormlings. They have low armor, so go down quick, however you continue to don’t desire to play with them. Before continuing to the left, search the rear of the truck on the proper. One dropped the dragon hood decoration for me.

Follow the path round till you attain the door and you’re in Payaso territory. To begin, go round to the left and deactivate the alarm. This leads to a journey with the laptop at the finish. You want a limerick to enter, however all the solutions are improper, you might have to kill the gangsters in the different room to get there.

Place your get together in a shelter out of Payaso’s area of view after which fireplace the first shot. Pigs do not explode in case you kill them, so it is actually not price specializing in. However, as soon as the Payas set on fireplace, they explode.

The Payaso will use smoke bombs to cut back their possibilities of hitting them, and be careful for the Payaso Bastards as they hit exhausting.

After defeating them, you may choose up Limerick Note 1 from their our bodies. “We are the point of every joke.”

In entrance of you, in case you beat Dr. Smiles in Bizarre Exterior, you should use the storage unit key 109 to open one in every of the lockers.

Wasteland 3 Payaso Limerick Notes

To get Limerick’s final two notes, you will need to clear the remainder of the Warren from Payasos. And you might have two choices for the place to go subsequent. You can head south, or in the higher proper nook of the room, close to the stray pigs, open the door and restore the generator utilizing drive 5. Turn on the laptop and open the temperature controls to acquire entry to some Lockpicking 7 doorways and different south doorways. .

I’ll proceed as in case you had been heading south, in case you do not have a mechanic in your group (which it is best to).

In the subsequent tunnel, you may both slip previous the freezer crawler, or take it in case you suppose you are exhausting sufficient. If you need to assault him, there are a whole lot of hiding locations that allow you to ship characters earlier than you fireplace the first shot. It’s not likely that tough, and also you get some junk, a pre-war silver coin, and a few buried gadgets to your bother.

Around the nook you will notice one other Payasos, which you’ll be able to soar on with an explosive barrel.

On the corpse is the key for unit 108 again in the central room, return and catch the loot.


With them, place the determine on a mat behind a wire fence to flip off the ice explosion. Then you may transfer the remainder of your characters to the different facet.

In the subsequent restaurant is one other load of Payasos. Defeat them in the typical approach for Limerick Note 2.

Around the eating kitchen you’ll observe the subsequent path to the final band Payasos on the course. They have observe 3, so return to the laptop.

The final line, for which you don’t have any remark, is: “… is down your throat until you choke.”

Inside you’ll find the boss – Ditso Gogo – and a tricky battle awaits you. In the occasion of an error, it could be advantageous to carry out a fast save.

As typical, place the get together on the fringe of the area of view. Use the cowl to your benefit and concentrate on killing one enemy at a time, in any other case he’ll heal and defeat your group.

I used grenades to begin the get together, then targeted on Ditso to cease him from doing any humorous work.

When completed, take the Safe key from the lifeless our bodies, then go up to the proper and open the secure. Inside is the key of the unit 107, which opens one other door in the primary room. If it’s nonetheless frozen, you will need to defrost it by fixing it in the generator and utilizing the terminal in the room on the proper.

Go there and inside is a person: Provost. He is a particular companion who speaks solely Latin proverbs. He will observe you and assist in the battle.

Don’t fear about the different Lockpick 7 doorways except you open them – they are going to be used in a later job.

Now return to Flab by way of Safe Warrens. Tell him the Warren are clear and will provide you with a 20% low cost in any respect service provider shops.

Given the provide of ammunition and medical provides, it is price it, plus you get some huge cash and a Hard Ass ability guide.

After this job, you can be provided one other – Very Hostile Takeover – the subsequent time you go on a map of the world in Colorado. Which you should do extra if you do not need everybody in Bizarr to die!

With your headquarters now most likely in full inventory, it is time to take Valor Buchanan on The Zealot.

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