Wasteland 3 Heads or Tails Quest – Save the Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravan

Wasteland 3 Heads or Tails Quest – Save Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravan

in Wasteland 3the Colorado panorama turned a frozen irradiated disaster. And to make issues worse, the first time you get married proper, you have got a tough determination to make Head or tail duties.

When you head to Colorado, your surviving brother, Erastus Dorsey will broadcast a radio that mocks you to come back to Hoon Homestead. He desires revenge on his sibling and has taken hostages to drive you and your fellow adventurers to behave. But when Kodiak fires and goes after him, Ramirez calls out that there’s an Arapaho caravan that’s in dire want of assist.

They carry an necessary provide of drive armor for the marshals, and there’s no doubt that the Patriarch would count on you to hurry to their assist.

Now it is as much as you to determine: Will you save Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravan?

To show you how to determine what occurs to each.

Wasteland 3 Heads or Tails – Hoon Homestead

If you determine to go and first assist Hoon Homestead, take the street and go proper.

Enter the homestead and you’ll meet the Dorsey gang nose to nose. Prepare the crew for the assault after which assault.

Before you’ll be able to act, Erastus will start the dialog. Here are some choices. If you need violence, you’ll be able to apologize for the loss of life of your brother, then ask in case you may even name it – it provides you with management of Hard Ass 2 to demoralize his followers and severely debuff the coming struggle.

To settle the stand-off peacefully, there is a Kiss Ass 2 verify to discourage Dorsey’s followers and persuade their chief to name issues off with out bloodshed. It comes with the proviso that “you did not hear his last.”

Or if you cannot move these checks or simply need to beat some criminals, you can begin a dialog and begin a good struggle – which isn’t too tough.

Whatever route you select, whenever you’re finished, head inside and speak to Angus Hoon. To save them, they provides you with a talent guide with an computerized rifle and a pile of ammunition. you to have the option steal a rifle over the hearth, however the Hoon household will assault you. It’s not very sturdy, so it isn’t price it – particularly since your uncreated followers will flip you into motion.

From the again of Hoon Homestead, at the finish of the street, is the hidden entrance to the bunker. Inside, you want 4 Sneaky Shit to deactivate the alarm, then 3 drives to open the door utilizing the generator. Around the nook, place one character on a flooring panel, then talk with one other terminal to launch the creep movement, after which unlock a bunker with one other character. Then you’ll be able to catch the prey from the inside.

Finally, in case you’re an animal whisper, you’ll be able to take Billy and Jean’s two-headed goat with you. He’s a good companion in fight along with the flat buff you get.

Once you come back to your Kodiak, you’ll be able to got down to assist the convoy (even when the job is technically accomplished). Once you get there, you will notice that it’s destroyed. You nonetheless need to struggle laborious growers and in the bunker, the place there’s a talent guide and an explosives tape (Lockpick 5) on the proper facet of the space.

Wastelander 3 Heads or Tails – Arapaho caravan

If you determine you need to assist the Arapaho caravan, go down from Colorado Springs and left towards Bizarre from the Unwelcome Guests quest (for which we have now a information right here).

While it looks as if the proper ethical factor to go after civilians, these Scar Collector guys – whom we have not met in Wasteland 3 but – are actual, actual baddies. You will cope with a number of males with highly effective weapons, weapon buzzers and big bombs strapped to their backs.

This is a more durable struggle between the two choices and there’s no likelihood of fascinated with them. But you should have extra choices to take away them.

When you enter the space, you’ll be able to dive to the left by the door and slip round the Scar Collectors. This requires a Level 4 Lockpick.

You can use a stitching package by your facet to avoid wasting Georgia Overdrive with out warning the guys.

Then you’ll be able to secretly flip off their towers in the constructing without delay.

From right here, there may be nothing left however to construct your characters and begin the get together. Plus, you need to use your Kodiak in battle!


During the battle, extra enemies will fall from the constructing on the proper facet of the space. Aim your fireplace at one or two collectors at a time to shortly take them off and draw their agro with Kodiak. When they’re down, use the shotgun wound kits, then converse and heal the Drive Train. Identify your self and she’s going to give the Marshals an excellent phrase for you.

You can even use Kiss Ass Check 5 on 10 repair packs. As you allow, you report back to headquarters after which hear the Dorseys assault Hoon’s home.

If you go and attempt to verify on Hoony, Bo Hoon will flip you nose to nose with an RPG. I disarmed him and let him go. If you enter the Hoon Homestead space with the useless, you will notice the home fully destroyed, however you’ll be able to nonetheless loot a talent guide from one among the our bodies. However, you won’t be able to get a goat follower, loot a bunker or take an AR from the above mantle.

However, as in the guide, you may get a follower of Waste Wolf from the south facet of the home or in the north of the space subsequent to the grave. This requires the magic of 5 animal whispers.

To be cynical, I’d say that solely on the foundation of rewards do you weigh whether or not you desire a goat’s follower or not. Then whether or not you are interested by extra XP in the struggle towards the Scars, or extra loot from the bunker behind Hoon’s home.

The ethical penalties are as much as you to decide, however since you continue to get a talent guide with computerized rifles, there aren’t that many sensible variations. If you determine to avoid wasting the caravan, you’ll later see how the armor is utilizing “good armor” to oppress refugees – however the metropolis might be protected from the totally evil Scars.

After finishing this story, you’ll be able to transfer on to the remainder of the Full House quest sequence – together with Big Trouble in Little Vegas.

But you’ll be able to at all times hit one other non-compulsory job, comparable to Don’t You Be My Neighbor.

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