Warframe – How To Get Your K-drive Hoverboard


The release of Fortuna for Warframe introduced hoverboards with K-drive. You can use them to zip around a new playable area on Venus, or you can even take them to the Eidolon and Cambion Drift planes. These are fast moving forms of transportation that allow you to do great tricks to impress your friends.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get your first K-disk, which you can do by completing a special mission that can begin when you first arrive in Fortuna.

How to get a K-disk


When you first arrive in Fortuna, you will need to talk to Eudico. You will find it at the upper end of Fortunate, near the large door that leads to the Orb Vallis. He will fill you with the sad story of Čtvby and send you to talk to him. Thrby has recently inherited many debts, but has no way to repay them, and needs your help to avoid paying the literal arms and legs of Nef Anyo. Follow the waypoint to find the Quarter.

Talk to Quby in Fortune

Thrby sends you to the surface, known as Orb Vallis, in search of better goods for sale in his shop. You will need to collect three drops of Corpus supplies, which is easy, just follow the mission mark and then search the area. A drop in delivery will make noise as you approach them. It will help you equip a mod that displays boxes of loot on your radar. Once you do, Thrby gets a little ahead of him and talks you into attacking the cooling tower. Eudico rings and calls you with both names, because a nearby spy drone has heard everything. Now you need to track down the spy drone so it can hack it and delete the record. He warns you not to help Čtvby again, and you must return to Fortuna now.

Talk to Quby in Fortune

When you return to Fortuna, Thursday will send you to talk to Business or Biz. He wants you to take care of the list of debts that the Corpus has in stock with explosive means. Eudico intervenes again and asks you to do it in secret so as not to start a war with Nef Anyo. Head to the surface and then to the mission mark. Head to the bunker and get a list. You find that one of Biz’s units is in danger. You’ll be too late to help any of them, and after finding and scanning their bodies, you’ll find that the remaining team members are being held nearby.

Save them by aiming at the waypoint and making sure you pick up all the data terminals fallen by the enemy, as this will shorten the hacking time. Once this part is done, Nef Anyo will let you know that he is well aware that the Quarterback’s offense has happened, and it will become very chaotic for young Čtrby.

Talk to Eudico in Fortuna

Eudico is not happy with you about what happened to Thrby, and he wants to try to appeal to the good side of Nef Anya. He will send you to find a mineral to help with Nef’s new cooling tower. You must defend the two extractors at the same time and collect energy cells to keep them running. It helps to have decent AoE skills for this part. Once you have the resources, head to the cooling tower. However, Nef is impatient and will shoot him too soon. When that doesn’t work, he blames the people of Fortuna and demands that 50 of them be taken over again.

Talk to Eudico in Fortuna

At this point, Eudico realized that Nef would never be pleased, and it was time to return the resistance she had led. He will send you to the surface with a gift for Nef’s troops. When you get there, head to the tag and put the gift away. It’s a K-bomb from earlier times. Now you must fight waves of enemies until the Orb-Orge Orb appears when you return down to the base.

Talk to Eudico in Fortuna

Eudico now wants you to head for the cooling tower again and show Neph that the resistance is in full swing again. It gives you a K-drive that you can use to overcome the Profit-Taker Orb. Head to the tower and fight the waves of enemies until Nef accepts Eudic’s demands.

Once you return to Fortuna, you will receive a K-drive launcher. Go to your Arsenal, then to the gear and put it there. Now you can summon your K-drive whenever you’re on Orb Vallis, Cambion Drift or the Eidolon Plains. Once you have your Launcher, you’ll want to track down Vent Kids, so check out ours guide how to do it.

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