Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown: How to down attack, dodge, block, and recover

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Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Shodown is a great entry into PlayStation systems, but have you learned the innermost basics of the game? If not, you will probably fight in rated mode. Here’s a beginner’s look at how to play the game.

Swipe right and left

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Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown plays quite similarly to the Tekken series when it comes to dodging. Press the D-Pad button up or down twice to avoid incoming attacks. If you are very precise with the timing in VF5, you can avoid circular attacks, kicks and fists. But beware of inevitable bets. For example, Jacky has a round kick that you have to block instead of dodging.

Another option available to you is an offensive stunt. Simultaneously moving left or right and pressing L2 (blow + kick + guard) will avoid a brisk pace and potentially surprise your opponent with the opposite. It’s hard to give up, but if you manage to do it, it can turn the tide.

Block into your heart

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Unlike other fighters, there is a locking button rather than just moving backwards. Hold the square to repel incoming blows, and if your opponent is on a low attack, go to the low block by simply crouching with the lock button held down. On the other hand, don’t block yourself too well, because your enemy can catch you with a punishing blow.

To suppress the grip, press the square and X (blow + protector) at the right moment. If your opponent is about to catch forward, you must do the same by entering forward, squares and X. Try to find out what your enemy is considering and oppose!

The air drips as if it were hot

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Drops of air (the game is known as attacks down) allow you to impress with the air movement of the enemy on the ground. To do this, knock your opponent to the dirt and at the same time put up and X. The timing must be correct, as if you were too late, the move does not implement it. Each character has a variation in motion. The main protagonist, Akira, jumped into the air and hit his opponent with a blow down. Eileen, on the other hand, flies out and lands on the fallen enemy.

Get to your feet in a moment

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The last point we will inform you about is the rapid movement from the ground. Once your character’s body falls to the ground, press L2 (punch + kick + grip) and return to action. Like a drop of air and dodging, timing is key because if you fail, you are prone to attack down.

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