Vin Diesel has joined the Ark 2 production team as an executive producer

Vin Diesel joined the Ark 2 production team as executive producer

Vin Diesel will once again dive into the world of game development with Ark 2.

Archa 2 was one of the most surprising announcements at the Game Awards last week. The series has a huge audience, but seeing an improved view of the game was not the most anticipated. Especially not with Vin Diesel’s face glued to the entire trailer.

It turned out that the actor will be more than just a face. Studio Wildcard has now announced that Vin Diesel has taken over a leading role in their production team. Specifically, he will be president of creative convergence.

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It’s a long name, but the developer clarified what this role entailed: the character jumps from a video game. “

Vin Diesel said of his entry into the studio: “I enjoy playing Ark and I’m really excited to join the Studio Wildcard team and develop the story in both the game and the new animated series.”

Interestingly, Doug Kennedy, CEO of Studio Wildcard, revealed during the announcement that Diesel had played “1,000” hours of Ark: Survival Evolved.

It looks like it could be a passionate project for Diesel, and it won’t be his first in the games. Vin Diesel actually founded Tigon Studios in 2002, which produced games such as Wheelman and The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Together, they also developed this year’s Fast and Furious Junction with Slightly Mad Studios.

Not much is known about Ark 2 yet, but we know it is expected to land in 2022.

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