Upcoming space FPS Boundary details – release date, platforms, game modes

FPS tactical limits

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2021 is packed extremely unusual releases of FPS gamesand Boundary is no exception. This game, currently being developed by Studio Surgical Scalpels, takes over an established game of tactical shooters such as CS: GO and moves it into the cold emptiness of space. In Boundary, players fight on and around operational space stations in low orbit above Earth. This game is a first-person team shooter that is a bit like Rainbow Six Siege, but completely different in its mechanics and settings.

Gaming and modes

Boundary is a competitive multiplayer shooter without single player modes. Players engage each other in five-member teams and, with an assortment of firearms and gadgets, defeat opponents in elimination and objective game modes. As expected from a tactical shooter, Boundary places great emphasis on the tools it offers players. There are several playable classes, each with signature retrieval options, such as weapon shields, scanners, and medical fields. Players can further customize their equipment with various items, weapon attachments and cosmetics.

The biggest difference between Boundary and other shooters is the absence of gravity. Players float freely in space and move using nozzles, hooks and other three-dimensional propulsion methods. The game environment also contains a lot of destructible terrain, which allows creative teams to shape maps according to their needs.

When launched, Boundary will have four playable game modes:

  • Device capture is an objective control mode in which teams will have to fight for specific areas of the map. The longer the team controls the goal, the more points it gets.
  • Skirmish is a mirror match elimination mode in which both teams appear with the same loads: each plays in the same class with the same weapons and items.
  • Team fight to the death is, well, a team deathmatch. The team that kills the most wins.
  • Orbital cleansing is a classic bomb defeat mode that players know from CS: GO and almost all other tactical missiles. The attacking team must place the bomb and defend it, while the defense team tries to disarm the bomb or destroy the attackers. This is Boundary’s dedicated competition mode.
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Release date and platform

While Studio Surgical Scalpels originally planned to launch in late 2020, they had to postpone Boundary due to unforeseen challenges to game development during the COVID-19 pandemic. The border is currently set for the summer release of 2021. This game will be available at PC via Steamand also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No word has yet been said about whether Boundary will find its way to the current gene console.

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