Tips to complete Lord of Light in Hood: Outlaws & Legends


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Hood: Outlaws & Legends is full of weapons and costumes to buy, skills and benefits to unlock, an entire stash to advance to a higher level, and an extensive collection of missions (associated with achievements / trophies) to complete. This guide offers you some tips and tricks for completing the “Lord of Light” mission for Tooke, a Mystic class character. First, let’s look at what you need to do for this mission.

How to complete Lord of Light in Hood: Outlaws & Legends

To complete this mission, you must use Tooke’s ability to heal 500 HP for one use. This ability is called “Instinct” and sees Tooke kneel and explode magical energy. This reveals close enemies and heals all teammates caught in the area of ​​full health effect. This healing aspect is how you complete this mission, but it’s not as easy as you might think. To heal 500 HP in a single blast, you will have to heal several teammates from imminent death in the heat of battle. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Save your skills

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The most important tip we have for you is to save your abilities until you think you have a chance to complete “Lord of Light”. If you try to finish it and use the ability too soon, perhaps in an effort to stay alive longer, you will lose the opportunity when the opportunity arises to heal more allies. Charge your skills quickly by getting kills and murders, but save them until it’s useful to your allies, not just you.

Look for battles

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Most matches in Hood: Outlaws & Legends have a midpoint when the Brawlers fight, and everyone else accumulates while vying for key control. It’s a fantastic chance to heal more allies and reverse the tide of battle. As you explore the map, look for allies who are losing health. If you see someone who intervenes several times, go to their aid. However, do not try to heal them unless they are close to another teammate.

Heal at least two players at once

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We completed “Lord of Light” while healing two other players when they were to be killed by John. The enemy used his abilities and broke our poor teammates. Like Tooke, we crept inside, waving desperately at John’s muscular stomach and using our abilities. Aura completely healed both allies to full health and they were able to kill John. Unfortunately, we took an arrow to our necks and had to crouch away to prevent dying.

Wait for the winch

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This last tip is the second point in every match you should wait for to complete “Lord of Light”. Once the chest is thrown on the reel, it will require at least one player to be active so that the team can earn some gold. Two players on the reel mean more progress, but they are also much more open to attacks by the enemy team and even the sheriff.

Wait near your teammates while they are on the reel. As soon as the enemy team breaks in and tries to prevent you from earning anything, run in and heal anyone who has been harmed. This is the time in every match that is tense, and healing can make the difference between wiping out your team and repeatedly attacking the reel or maintaining your position.


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Complete “Lord of Light” to unlock the Sacrifice costume for Tooke in his hiding place. It costs 1,200 gold and looks like it looks a bit like an undead priest.

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