Tips for using Thunderbird’s Kona Station in Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star


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Rainbow Six Siege’s new operator for Operation North Star is Thunderbird. It’s a new Defender with a powerful gadget that can reverse the influx of any round for Defenders and help attackers when used without foresight. This guide contains some tips for using the Kona Thunderbird station, including when and where to use it for allies and enemies.

It depends on the game mode

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Our first tip is to pay attention to the type of match being played. For example, if this is a bomb-dropping match in which you defend against incoming attackers, you must place Kona Station almost as soon as the first phase begins. Get one near at least one of the bombs so the Allies can camp near them, and get a bonus when the attackers fly in to fill them with bullets.

However, if you are playing a match hostage, you will want to place Kona stations during the match. So don’t stick to one place with healing enthusiasts. Instead, keep one or two Kona stations in reserve so you can place them later when new chokes appear in the match.

Look for shelter

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When locating a Kona station, you must look for areas that are more advantageous to the Defender than the Attackers. For example, if defenders have easy access to a nearby shelter, make sure the shelter is within the Kona station’s circle. This will mean that your friends are healed when they cover doors and windows, which the attackers will not be prepared for.

Use the initial phase of the match to explore where your Kona stations should be located. Most players set up a few barricades and wires and then stop at their proven places. Capture as many players as possible in this short early stage in the Kona Station circuit, and the match is likely to work for you, even if the attackers are hyper-aggressive.

Think like an attacker

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Unfortunately, attackers can benefit from Kona stations as well as defenders. The device always heals the Defender first, but heals the attacker if it is not around. This means that your enemy will search for Kona stations as they traverse the map. When you think of one of them, you won’t be able to place Kona Station where it’s easily stolen by attackers.

Make sure you only deploy the gadget in areas over which Defenders has authority. Every room where there are two or more of you is perfect, because the attackers will have to work extremely hard to take a room from the Defenders, while the Defenders do not have to work hard enough to maintain control of the room.

Be aware of timers

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Kona stations have a timer on them. Once someone heals, they can’t be used for another 30 or so seconds. If the Kona station is in an area with a large number of tracks, it will be beneficial, but players will also need to organize who will use it the next time it is used and ensure that they avoid running it if it is not their turn. Instead, try to place Kona stations just outside the well-trodden area. This ensures that players can jump in and out whenever they need healing, instead of launching the device without thinking about it.

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