Tips for reaching rendezvous points faster in No Man’s Sky Expeditions


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No Man’s Sky is a game about discovering the galaxy around you at your own pace. However, when the Expeditions come and offer you a chance to earn Normandy SR1, which will stay forever, the game gains some dynamics. This guide offers some tips for all players to help you get to the main milestones of each expedition, meeting points as quickly as possible.

Get to your cargo ship as soon as possible

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The first phase of expeditionary pioneers and bridgeheads in the sky of No Man’s Sky had extremely similar milestones. They all revolve around the goals you will have at the beginning of each new game. Find your ship, repair it, get into space, start discovering new systems. We recommend getting into space as quickly as possible, as this will get you on your way to your first meeting point.

On the Beachhead Expedition, you were given a cargo ship that you could summon once you were far enough away from your home planet. This will probably be the case for all Expeditions from # 3, as it has kept pace with the game mode at each stage. Carriers can jump over five systems in one warp instead of the only system jump your starship can achieve. If you use your Freighter over your starship to fight new systems, you will reach each meeting place much faster and avoid dozens of loading screens.

Use the correct galaxy map filter

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It’s easy to get confused when blasting from one system to another in No Man’s Sky. If you are trying to discover several new worlds or systems on your route, you can get quite far from the most direct route to the next meeting point. If you feel lost, change the filter at the top of the screen to “Expedition Route”. This will change the map of the galaxy and place it on the way from your location to the next meeting point. Highlight the most effective way to proceed at the current stage.

Leave certain milestones at the last minute

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Each phase in any expedition has a number of milestones that you must meet. However, you do not have to complete each of them to unlock milestones for the next phase. For example, you can travel to each meeting point before completing any other milestone. We suggest you don’t leave all milestones to the end, but there are some you can leave until you do everything else.

For example, as you move around the galaxy looking for meeting places, you can stop in other systems to gather discoveries and land on different types of planets. It makes sense to you because you will also push the units you travel on foot and in space, which will contribute to other milestones. You should leave the milestones that ask you to build a base, deploy a tramp, or locate a lighthouse until you have completed most of the first ones. This means you can travel quickly to any meeting place without having to leave a huge list of things you need to do once you have completed all your trips.

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