Tips for organizing villager schedules in Going Medieval


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From the very beginning of your work in Going Medieval, you will fight with your villagers to orient yourself in all the tasks you have assigned them. While you may want them to put together everything you have outlined immediately, there is also a field to be cultivated, trees to be mown, and a number of other tasks to complete. If you push them too far, the villagers will burst and leave your settlement. In this guide, we have compiled some tips for arranging a schedule that will not endanger your projects or the mood of the villagers.

Healthy balance

The only way to keep the villagers happy and do everything you want is to have a balanced schedule. Villagers will happily work from 9:00 to 17:00 if they are well rested, have good food in their stomachs and spend some time doing what they want. Below is a plan that we have used throughout our playing, which will not cost us a single villager yet.

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The schedule is as follows.

  • Wake: 7 MORNING
  • Leisure: 7:00 – 9:00
  • Work: 9:00 – 18:00
  • Leisure time: 18:00 – 21:00
  • Sleep: 21:00 – 7:00

Sleep is essential. The more your villagers have, the more resilient they are to being upset. Any villager who is upset will have a low mood rating, and if it drops to zero, he will leave your settlement. This plan allows for ten hours of sleep, plenty for any hard-working villager who builds, harvests or hunts all day.

The schedule has a good chunk of working time in the middle. Today it is a standard working day for anyone and the villagers have no problem with its operation. The working hours are in the warmest part of the day, so your villagers will be less affected by winter even in winter. If you have correctly identified the work of your villager, they will work on separate projects throughout the day. We found that we could have continuous research on the road while the rest of our villagers worked on our farm or built new structures. It allowed us to expand and progress without sacrificing the mood or stability of our settlement.

Finally, there is free time before and after work. Villagers need free time to deal with downtime. During this time, they could drink, play backgammon, or worship the various gods of the game. Every villager has a religious balance, and by allowing them to pray before and after work, we have seen their mood remain neutral throughout the day.

You can move the plan so that the villagers work later in the night or earlier in the morning, but we do not recommend changing it too much. Free time is essential, so if you want to sacrifice time for more work, fall asleep. Otherwise the moods of the villagers will drop.

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