This week’s Black Ops Cold War update added PS5 DualSense Controller support for PC

This week’s Black Ops Cold War update added support for the PS5 DualSense Controller for PC

Those who own a DulSense PS5 should know that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War now supports a PC driver.

Updated season 4 update for Black Ops Cold War Inconspicuously added DualSense support for PCs today, although this feature was not available included in the update notes, apparently.

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Thanks to the driver, the game now also supports haptics, but if you are not interested in launching the haptics, you can turn them off in the game settings on the “Driver” tab (thanks, reddit [1] [2]).

Today’s update also includes a 6v6 Rush map, new weapons, new multiplayer modes, new league rewards, prestigious ship content, another operator and more.

And there’s also the content of the Zombies for the game, Mauer Der Toten, and later in the season, the younger version of Grigori Weaver from Requiem will become a playable Operator in Zombies, multiplayer and Warzone in the upcoming Tracer Pack: A package of Weaver operators in the store.

Further updates are also planned for Dead Ops Arcade 3, including a new first-person Advanced Start solo playlist, the addition of “Mama’s” “Armory Basket”, and several game modifications and stability fixes.

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