This Final Fantasy 7 Remake easter egg doubles down on the idea it is a sequel to FF10

This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Easter Egg doubles the idea of ​​being a sequel to FF10

Final Fantasy titles are typically every disconnected from the remainder of the sequence – however Final Fantasy 7 Remake doubles with the much-discussed connection to the subsequent file. This article accommodates a smaller spoiler of Easter eggs for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

In 2003, Final Fantasy modified eternally. The core, numbered objects in the beloved Square Enix RPG sequence, by no means noticed a direct sequel – however then there was Final Fantasy 10-2. Only the second sequel in the whole historical past of the franchise (the anime FF gained a direct sequel in 1994), the persevering with adventures of Yuna marked a basic change for the sequence. It was the first actual sequel, in the West it was the first Final Fantasy sport launched by the newly merged Square Enix, and it was the first Final Fantasy to set up a narrative connection between the two Final Fantasy universes.

You see, Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 10 appear to be set in the identical universe. In FF7 Remake, it’s all associated to this little picture present in the background of 1 space of ​​the sport.

However, the connection goes even additional. As we mentioned, it dates again to 2003.

“So there’s this young boy named Shinra who will appear in Final Fantasy 10-2, and as you’d expect from that name, there are fan theories that he could be associated with the Shinra Company of Final Fantasy 7,” mentioned developer Yoshinori Kitase. v A video recording on FF10 titles. Kitase will be thought of one thing of an authority on this discipline; he directed the authentic FF7 and acted as a producer on FF10, its sequel and FF7 Remake.

“The script, Mr. Nojima, has not made any official statement to that effect.” But as a type of “secret history,” he thought Shinra may develop out of X-2, and his descendants might have shaped Shinra a few generations later. “


Final Fantasy 10-2 is primarily based on this idea. One scene of Shinra explores the dates of Farplane, the place the place the spirits of the lifeless finish in the FF10 custom. “With a little work, we may in all probability extract vitality in a usable kind,” he comments before noticing that it would “take generations.” In response to the nose, the heroine Yuna suggests that “One day we could build a city full of light – one that never sleeps! Just imagine! ”Hello, Mako Energy and Midgar.

In the separate books Final Fantasy 10 Ultimania, FF10 and FF7 writer Kazushige Nojima goes into further detail, suggesting that FF7 events are thousands of years later and even on another planet after Shinra’s descendants developed a way to travel from Spira, their world, Gaia. , FF7. Time distance set it up nicely as an uncritical detail of tradition, with a narrative time distance between games, so a more detailed connection is not necessary. It’s a Zelda timeline connection.

Nevertheless, the concept will be outlined later in the later development of the Final Fantasy 7. The sequel to Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children has the beloved pilot of the airship Cida behind the wheel of a new Sher vehicle. The background information shared in Advent Children and the 2006 Dirge of Cerberus suggests that the Sherin’s engine, or perhaps the ship itself, was not built, but was found, an ancient monument of a lost civilization powered by technology that the FF7 people don’t understand. Shera, named after Cid’s wife, really looks a lot like an FF10 airship.

This brings us to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In a later chapter of the game, the characters find themselves at the headquarters of Shinra, a monolithic office in the heart of Midgar. As part of your visit, you are forced to walk through the Shinr Museum, showing past artifacts from the entire history of the rogue history of the energy company.

Next to the sign with the words “Shinra Factory” in Japanese is an outdated monochrome picture… and hey, who is it in the first place? The masks appears acquainted…

More than anything, these are the builders and authors of FF7, its remake and FF10 games, that are cute and intelligent. They know that this narrative connection between the two games has been mentioned and mentioned by followers for years, and so right here it is – a clear and apparent look at this thread of story that Nojima, who led the writing on the remake, loves a lot.

Could it really be Shinra who one way or the other survived these years? A descendant who has his Al Bhed masks, handed down for generations? Or possibly it’s simply a coincidence. Who is aware of? The incontrovertible fact that it is a weak blow in the center of the image undoubtedly means that it is somebody necessary to the historical past of Shinra. For followers, it is an attention-grabbing gas for a fireplace that has been burning for 17 years.

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