The weirdest scenes we can’t wait to see in the next Final Fantasy 7 Remakes

The strangest scenes we cannot wait for in the next Final Fantasy 7 Remakes

Now that we have Wall Market from our system in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we’re fascinated with what’s next. The iconic JRPG is unforgettable due to its story and unbelievable solid of misplaced skills, however everybody remembers yet another factor: it is weird.

While many scenes labored with the polygonal nightmare graphics of the authentic PlayStation, I am unable to assist however surprise how properly they’re projected into characters who appear like people who find themselves absolutely expressed and who’ve their arms on the stumps at the finish as a substitute of stumps.

So listed here are the issues we cannot wait to see in Final Fantasy 7 Remake 2? 3? Final Fantasy 7 Remakes? Anyway, we proceed.

Red XIII in a soldier’s uniform

Red XIII is a canine with a fiery tail. You’ll save him from experimenting at the finish of the Midgar part that Final Fantasy 7 Remake covers. He’s cheeky. He’s moody. He talks. Its a canine. It’s a speaking lab rat / canine.

Because it is a canine, it means he walks on all fours. He additionally has a coat, an elongated nostril and really related options to a canine – since you already know it is a canine. Even the flame at the finish of his tail shouldn’t be very mild.

At one level, you and the staff sneak aboard a cargo ship to sail throughout the ocean. You’re all on board disguised as Shinry troopers. Yes, even Red XIII. He walks on his hind legs and dances round like a person sucking his pants. It’s loopy. That’s nice. I don’t know if it’ll work with trendy graphics, and I am unable to wait to discover out.

Palmera crashes a truck


Palmer leads Shinr’s failed house program in Final Fantasy 7 and also will seem in a remake a number of occasions. You can spy on him first at the Honeybee Inn by peeking by way of the keyholes into the rooms earlier than the present.

For some cause, he actually likes cups of lard tea. And at one level, you’re taking him right into a surprisingly robust battle with the bosses. Once the battle is over, the aircraft virtually decapitates him, however he crouches underneath the propeller. Then he stands proud his tongue and runs away. At that second, he was hit by one in all his firm’s vans.

It occurs throughout a combat, as a substitute of leaving the battle for a correct cutscene. I can solely guess it will not be the similar in the next remake. The cause is that the remake battles happen in actual time, so the truck would simply have to drive throughout the battlefield and probably take you out, which isn’t as humorous as seeing Palmer’s butt-loving ass handed over to the truck.

Cloud will get from a dolphin

In the authentic sport Final Fantasy 7, there’s a scene the place Cloud should get to the prime of the tower. To do that, he will get a twitter from a dolphin named Mr. Dolphin. I truthfully do not know what else to say. We deserve it in 4K.

Tifa hits Scarlett’s shit

In the center of Final Fantasy 7 is a scene the place a celebration member Tifa fights Shinr Scarlett. The two will compete in one in all the most dramatic surroundings, standing on prime of an enormous Junon cannon with the sea behind. What follows is simply bizarre.

Tifa is an skilled martial artist who can hit robots to loss of life. He can suppress the gods. She ‘s principally as fucking onerous. But for some cause, she and Scarlett are going through a pathetic slapping combat. I’m fairly positive Tifa would slap Shinra butler off the cannon with a single gallows from this cannon, and I hope it occurs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (s?) 2.

Vincent – simply all of Vincent

One of the non-obligatory members of the Final Fantasy 7 occasion is Vincent, whom you will see sleeping in a coffin inside a haunted mansion in Cloud’s hometown. He is a vampire with a weapon and you’ve got to undergo an entire complicated collection of duties to even get him to be part of you. Despite being really easy to overlook, he received his personal play principally in a mourning tune from Cerberus. Did I point out he is a vampire?

Cait-Sith – All Cait-Sith

It’s a robotic cat that rides issues … what sort of factor is that? Fat moogle teddy bear? Just take a look at it – it is so silly. I hate it with each thread of my being.


There is a snowboard minigame. You snowboard. It’s SSX with anime hair and I like it. Even the music is upstairs. Legendary shit.

Why learn our overview of Final Fantasy 7 Remake with out a spoiler whilst you’re right here.

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