The Sims 4 Interior Decorator gigs | How to finish all Gig Tasks

The Sims 4 Interior Decorator Concerts | How to complete all Gig tasks

Even if you are well versed in it The Sims 4various job opportunities, Interior designer the path added to the Dream Home Decorator game pack will probably contain some features that you do not know. Especially, Gig Quests in this career, it includes slightly more direct player control than previous add-ons.

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While the new gigs don’t include too many brand new features, you’ll use Build Mode and photography skills in slightly new ways, as well as managing your concert budget and building a dramatic “Reveal” to showcase your hard work to your Sim’s clients.

Here’s everything you need to know about performing concert tasks in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator.

  • How to send a client away in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator
  • How to take photos before and after in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator
  • How to use build mode during a concert in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator
  • How to manage your concert budget in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator
  • How to increase the concert budget
  • How to complete Reveal in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator

How to send a client away in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator

Concerts of interior decorators are reserved for social tasks. After you start your career as an interior decorator, you start by talking to clients about their likes and dislikes using the social menu and end by discovering your hard work.

However, if you really want to perform the main part of the concert, you need the client to leave the property. Eventually, it will be difficult to renovate the living room with them sitting on the couch.

Once you have learned everything you are interested in about your clients’ preferences, use Send the client away social interaction that gently boots the whole household. They stay away until you call them back (or time runs out at the concert).

Only after you have sent clients away can you enter build mode on their property, so this step – even if it is not a real Gig task – is very important.

How to take photos before and after in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator

Taking photos before and after are two separate tasks that you must complete in order to complete the concert. Possibility to use in front of photos will be available once you send clients away.

You can take these photos with Entertainment> Take Photos option on your Sim’s phone, as in a regular game. Alternatively, you can click on the floor and choose during an active Interior Designer concert Interior Decorator> Take a photo before / after from the options menu.

When taking photos before and after, you have the usual shooting options: you can apply filters, flip the camera, and capture up to five versions of each image. You also seem to have a little more freedom than usual when panning and zooming so that you can frame the image exactly the way you want it, which will save you the hassle of trying to set the right image a few times.

After the completion of the renovation project needs to be taken after photos. Ideally, they match the areas you used for the photos before the renovation began, but as far as I know, it’s not actually tracked in any way that would affect the concert score, so you don’t have to worry about sorting things out that way.

Once you have all the photos before and after you need, there is one more step that is not on the concert to-do list. Go to your Sim’s inventory and click on the memory card. The Manage Current Concert Photos option appears.

Clicking on this option will open a pop-up window in which you can compare the photos taken before and after. Pairing a Before and After photo will give them a common number, which means that you consider them as “Before and After” pictures in the same area. You can also use this time to delete any photos that you do not want to include in the slide show.

Don’t worry if you forget to do it; you will be prompted to organize and finalize your images before the big revelation.

How to use build mode during a concert in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator

Unlike any other active profession in The Sims 4, the career of an interior decorator requires some tasks outside of Live Mode. As the whole theme of the pack would suggest, you will actually perform most of the renovation concert Build mode.

You can enter build mode only after clients have left the game. Entering this mode pauses the game in live mode, as it does during normal play.

In the upper left corner of the screen, you’ll see a batch details panel, which now includes a new Concert Details tab, where you can watch the renovation project in this mode.

In this panel you can view the description of the concert and the payout; progress card, how much money you spent on your budget; and the client likes and dislikes how you discovered them during the social phase at the beginning of the concert.

Below this information you will also see a list of requirements. These are not always mentioned elsewhere and include restrictions, such as parts of the building, that the client does not specifically want to change in any way. Later in Sim’s career, details may appear, such as the brand offerings listed here, which require you to include items from specific gaming companies in your renovation.

This game will consider the renovation complete when you first enter and exit build mode during the concert. It will be marked outside your to-do list, and the option to take photos will appear at this point. At this point, however, you don’t have to stop renovating and you are free to re-enter build mode as often as you want to make further changes while the concert is active.

How to manage your concert budget in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator

Another feature that makes Interior Decorator concerts slightly different from other similar professions is budget.

Other career-based careers assume that your active Sim pays for any expenses they might incur out of pocket. This does not apply to interior decorators who have been given part of the client’s change so that they can carry out renovations.

There are two ways to keep track of your remaining budget during a concert. The first is on the batch information panel in the upper left corner of the screen, where you can see what you have spent so far and the total amount remaining below Client’s budget title.

If you check the lower left corner of the screen, you will see that your active Sim’s household funds have been temporarily replaced with concert funds. This will show you the actual amount of budget you have to work with. Unlike a regular game, you can go into negative funds and buy things during a concert – but exceeding your budget too much will negatively affect your work performance and reputation.

While budget management does not directly affect any Concert Tasks, it has a significant impact on how well the concert is scored overall.

How to increase the concert budget

During concerts, you can add a few things to your budget:

  • Sell ​​any client property you want to replace because it will add the value of that item back to the concert funds. However, you can replenish your budget to your original maximum at any time; To make the most of it, make sure you only sell goods after you get their full value.

  • Remember that recoloring items you already own with the Design tool (represented by the sample tab icon, the third from the left in the top menu bar) is free. This involves replacing walls and floors with the same covering in a different color swatch.

It’s quite easy this way to keep the simple design restored to budget. However, things become much more complicated at higher levels – especially if you’re tasked with major renovations, such as adding more rooms and levels. So don’t neglect your budget management skills, even if you still don’t reach a sufficient budget during the first few gigs.

How to complete Reveal in The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator

Once you have completed the renovation to your satisfaction and taken all the photos, it’s time for the last task of the concert: Reveal.

You must first call clients back to the lot. You can do this either on the social networking card in your Sim’s phone, or directly by clicking on the client’s portrait in the Relationship panel. Before clients arrive, you will be asked to sort your photos before and after and be ready to go.

The client’s household immediately returns to the event and targets an event called “Revelation!” Begins. At this point, you will not be able to communicate with the client (s) except Discover renovations to the client social interaction. Start by starting and you will see a very sweet presentation of your photos, set to some captivating music.

Your main goal in this event is the so-called Discover a renovated space!. To complete it, you must meet the goals listed below it, by chatting with clients, showing off the objects you want to highlight, and – as soon as everyone in the client’s home has a chance to look around – asking for his or her final statement. When they’re ready for the second one, you’ll know because a clipboard icon with a green check mark will appear above their heads.

Completing each goal in Reveal will automatically end the concert. Your Sim will receive a payout and you will be rewarded with any increase or decrease in performance and reputation. You can choose to stay with the party and hide even more with clients – it can’t hurt your chances of a repeat customer – or go straight home and have the rest of the day to yourself.

For more information on The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator, see the beginner’s guide to getting started as an interior decorator.

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