The Other Side of Isle and Sea world quest guide – Genshin Impact

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Once players complete the global quest Journey through the Mist and Wind Genshin Impact, they are given another quest to do, The Other Side of Isle and Sea. This includes watching some murals.

The previous task is essential for anyone who wants to complete this task, so make sure you do it first, otherwise you will not be able to get to the northeast island where this task begins.

Sometimes you will find a mural in the open, but for some you may need to use something like Wind-Bless Harpastum to get to them.

Mural 1 – Nameless mural of islands

To get here, players must complete the global quest Journey through Fog and Wind.

Wall painting 2

You can find this mural at beach level, but it is hidden behind a Dodoco wall that you will have to break with your Wind-Bless Harpastum.

Mural 3 – Minacious Isle

Mural 4 – The big nameless island

Again, it can be found carved into the cliff on the north side of the island at beach level.

Mural 5

You can find the mural on the south big island, in a tunnel that runs right along the center. There will be some enemies here, so remove them first.

Then you have to go back to Mondstadt and talk to the researcher. Head to the Knights’ Mansion Library and talk to a man named Sayid on the top floor. Sayid gathers some information from the murals and then completes the task.

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