The Medium Water Tanks | How to solve the pump station and Maw puzzles

Medium water tanks How to solve fuel station and Maw puzzles

How to solve a puzzle with water tanks and beat The Maw on the medium.

If you play the atmospheric horror recreation Bloober Team, MediumYou will know that he has many puzzles. These puzzles enhance till the finish of the recreation, they’ve an advanced door code and a extra complicated puzzle for the water tanks, which is situated in the fuel station.

We have an answer that may allow Marianne to get via the fuel station, clear the flooded stairs and open the impassable door.

Gas station management room, puzzle Middle water tank

As quickly as the energy is restored, we’ll begin with this information in the management room of the fuel station, as a result of it’s the solely tough a part of this a part of the recreation. When you take a look at the management panel, you will note that there are 5 representations of water tanks. They will be empty, half full or full. The buttons subsequent to every management the movement of water to the left or proper between the related tanks.

When you begin, solely the higher tanks can be utilized, whereas the decrease two want to be opened.

First, direct all water to the higher proper and center center tanks. The following picture exhibits what this could seem like.

Solution of medium water tanks

Once you do, the head left the fuel room and then down the stairs that had beforehand been blocked by water. Use the power protect to shield Marianne’s non secular world from moths. Once you’ve handed, flip the deal with and open this water tank. Once you have achieved that, flip off the energy with the swap you used earlier than you start this puzzle and stroll into the management room of the fuel station.

Now direct all the water to the left and higher center tanks.

Solution of medium water tanks

Go proper and again previous the electrical swap that you just turned off. If you may, go down the stairs. You will see a recharging level that may be accessed via an extracorporeal expertise. Go additional and you’re going to get to the subsequent place of the deal with. It is lacking, however fortuitously you may open the field that will get it. Return to set up the lacking deal with, flip it, and then return to the pump room.

You at the moment are prepared to lastly transfer the water. Empty the tanks at the high heart and high proper by shifting the water to the left from the heart and to the proper from the higher proper nook. Then go proper and down to the place you simply turned the deal with. Go to the door behind the cupboard the place you discovered the deal with and clear this half.

How to get via The Maw after a puzzle fuel station

Immediately behind the fuel station, Marianne comes face to face with The Maw. At first, this half appears extremely arduous, as a result of Marianne is caught in a room with The Maw and had nowhere to go.

The key to overcoming The Maw is to remember that you may exit of your physique and management solely the Marianne model in the spirit world.

Start outdoors the physique and instantly undergo the door on the reverse aspect of the room the place you have been standing. The Maw will observe Marianne’s ghost, so maintain going till you attain the finish of the corridor. At this level, you have to be prompted for a button (it is “B” on the Xbox). Press the button to regain management of Marianne in the actual world.

Like the regular world of Marianne, go to the finish of the room and activate the electrical energy. This electrifies the flooring and the result’s that The Maw will get a giant dose via it. He is defeated and Marianne can proceed.

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