The highest paying jobs in BitLife

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In BitLife, a character can choose several tasks and professions. Many of these professions offer a decent living, but there are certainly jobs that pay more than others. Many of these contracts require your character to have specific statistics and develop them in a high enough position to be the best of the best. It can be difficult to reach these incredible heights, but it’s worth how much money they make. These are some of the best paid jobs in BitLife.


For characters with extremely high health and athletics, becoming a professional athlete is a great choice to choose from soon. Your character will have to start working on it in high school, and before that you will want them to go to the gym as soon as possible and take walks. Unfortunately, if they don’t have high athletics, it can be difficult to raise them enough to become professionals as they age to apply for sponsorship. However, if your character can do it, you can make a lot of money in a short time.


If you prefer a more traditional way, almost any character can go down, if they apply and often come across books, each character can become a doctor. Of course, you often have to visit the library, study hard at school, and make sure you’re ready to take each test. It also helps to avoid the law and not get into trouble. Once you get to college, make sure you have a degree in biology, then you go to medical school and finally you run your own practice. The doctor’s salary is quite decent, but he doesn’t come close to some crazy professions, such as a professional athlete, a movie star or a royalty.

King or queen

Becoming the king or queen of the land is a prestigious honor. Unfortunately, unless you are born into a royal family, there is no way it can become any ordinary character. The only way an ordinary person could be is to become famous himself, to meet a royal figure, and then to marry them. In addition, you must be born to a royal family. While these roles make quite a bit of money, they are extremely rare unless you keep repeating characters in BitLife.

Movie star

When your character wants to become a star on the big screen, he has a lot of work to do for her. First, they will have to work on their appearance and keep them at the highest level if they want to succeed in this profession. You will also start them as a voice actor and gradually work your way through commercials, TV shows and eventually movies. It can be challenging to practice a movie star, but with a lot of high looks and health you should get there if you can sign up and become a voice actor.

Musician or singer

Another unique profession that almost any character can work on is to become a musician or lead singer. You can start attending instrument and voice lessons quite early. You can work on both of them at the same time and you want to make sure that before you get to high school, your character will have at most one of the tools so they start joining the band. You want to maximize these statistics before submitting your application. If you’re at 60%, you’ll fight, but if you’re closer to 90%, you should sign up well with the band and start your character as a professional musician.


Your character might be interested in playing slightly more adult films and productions than a traditional movie star. Thanks to a sufficiently high series of statistics on health and appearance, your character can become a porn star and make a lot of money. You will also reach the level of celebrities who are able to sign autographs, write books, promote products and several other benefits of achieving this level of fame.


For a character who wants to invest his time in politics, the elected leader of the country becomes the highest role they will achieve in this profession. In the United States, he’s the president, but you can also work your way up to a leadership position in other countries. The process is similar, where you start in one of the local roles and then work your way up to higher positions and try to get people and praise them to stay elected.

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