The Epic Games vs. Apple trial opened with kids screaming ‘free Fortnite’

Epic Games vs. Apple launched with children screaming “free Fortnite”

One of the greatest legal battles in the history of the modern technology industry began with the influx of screaming children.

Epic games“trial with Apple officially launched on Monday. Although the trial is being held in person, the participants were microphoneed and the court made the dial-in line available to the public for the hearing.

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Usually, when public lines are available in conference calls, participants are automatically muted. However, this was not initially the case in the Epic vs. Apple. As he noted The Verge, for more than 20 minutes, anyone could randomly call and shout what he wanted, so that’s exactly what many did.

The Verge said more than 200 people signed up, many of them Fortnite players shouting “free Fortnite”, “bring Fortnite to your mobile, please judge” or advertised your YouTube channels. Some even played Travis Scott’s music.

Court clerks eventually managed to silence the conference call participants, allowing the trial to begin about 15 minutes later.

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