The Division: Heartland gameplay leaked

The Division: Heartland escaped

Our first look at The Division: Heartland came through still reliable escapes.

Over the weekend the first shots from The Division: Heartland popped up online from some players invited to a closed game test. All test participants should be subject to the law of confidentiality, but leaks are obviously the same.

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Because players are not yet allowed to share the game, all leaks come with a large watermark with unique code, which is the way Ubisoft tracks and disables these players. Many of the original mirror images have been removed as Ubisoft continues to take action against leaks.

Although the videos are no longer embeddable, the footage was unfortunately in low resolution. In addition, players do not make Heartland very exciting for their escapes.

The footage showed about 20 minutes of playing, although most are the one who tests the emotions, tunes the settings, and gains a sense of control. But it gave us a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect.

Heartland is mostly based on the mechanics of The Division games, with several improvements that place more emphasis on survival. The movement seems a bit faster and there is a new slide mechanic. The tutorial advises players to maintain a healthy supply of filters, as they are needed to survive Silver Lake – the city where the game takes place. In addition, much of the mechanics of looting and firing divisions remain.

The main enemy faction shown is called the Pilgrims, which looks like a cross between the prey of the first game and the more militarized factions of the sequel. In the hub area, players can shop, talk to NPCs, and possibly meet other players. The footage also shows a short video showing the battle passport, which of course is not a new concept for The Division, but it is still there.

A separate escape from Twitter user SkyLeaks is shown in an introductory video by lead game designer Taylor Epperly. At the briefing, Epperly revealed that Heartland has two main modes: a purely PvE cooperation mode called Expedition and a 45-player PvEvP mode called Storm.

Epperly also reminded NDA players and asked them not to share gaming or impressions outside of closed test forums. “Please don’t be the one ruining the surprise for the larger division community,” Epperly said, not knowing that the footage would find its way online anyway.

Heartland marks Ubisoft’s big foray into free-to-play, something a publisher wants to do to base their catalog. The game is released later this year or early next year.

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