The best way to farm Legendary Cores in Fallout 76

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For players looking to get started with Legendary Crafting in Fallout 76, Legendary Cores will be a critical item you will need. These are items that have a chance to drop out of the completion of public events, seasonal events and daily operations. In the game, we have already listed all the ways you can get the legendary cores. But what is the best way to breed them out of the many ways to get Legendary Cores?

The typical method we recommend for the Legendary Cores farm will be participation in public events. If you’re in the right place to attend a public event, you and other players can work together to complete it and earn rewards for your troubles. Of course, the better you succeed in the quest, the more legendary cores you will receive. Once you complete a public event, it won’t start again until about an hour later. You will not be able to sit in one place and repeat a public event repeatedly unless you have the patience to wait for the cooldown timer.

Larger and more dangerous public events, such as A Colossal Problem, Campfire Tales, Encryptid and Scorched Earth, offer the best chance of getting the most legendary cores depending on your success. Every other public event gives you a chance to win one, two or three of them, with 48%, 32% and 20% chances of them falling. If you manage to join a reliable group for a farm of larger events, this is probably the best choice. Many players have found that Encryptid is a very effective way of farming legendary kernels, offering eight when completed.

However, if you work in a smaller group or only have yourself, you may want to stay with the simpler ones. You can always try to find out where other players are grouped on the map on your server and try to rotate with them. Most random groups are friendly to other players who are also willing to work with them. Most of the time, if you are alone, you should be able to complete all the public events in The Forest and Toxic Valley. Many players predict that Project Paradise and Free Range will be extremely popular.

When it comes to seasonal events like Fasnacht Day and Grahm’s Meat Cook, these will be some of the best methods. There should be a lot of players who will give you the highest success.

Overall, the best solution is to find one or two players spinning around public events to work together. Otherwise, stick to the smaller ones and wait for the larger groups to complete actions such as Scorched Earth and A Colossal Problem to get the best chance of getting the most legendary cores.

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