The best Stain talent tree path in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

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When it comes to choosing a talent tree for your hero in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, you want to make sure you’re on the right track to choose the strongest abilities. It will be different for each character, but fortunately there are only three ways to choose from, so it’s not too difficult to choose the right options. With Stain, you want to focus on dealing as much damage as possible and increasing the amount of extra attack he does to his opponent.

For the first option, you want to scroll down to the bottom right. The option at the bottom right for Stain increases the amount of damage that Stain does to the hero while performing a combo. This will be the last field, with those leading to it; others increase damage when Stain activates his abilities, and when he has double control, his overall defense increases. While defense is not one of Stain’s best abilities, its passive raising to the end of the tree is a useful investment.

When selecting the second tree, you have to go to the upper right or left tree. From the two, we found that going down the tree at the top right was a better choice. This is because these talents increase Stain’s overall damage with his abilities. Nevertheless, it primarily increases his W attack, Dagger Strike, where he throws five daggers into the cone in front of him and prevents anything they hit from moving for a few seconds. In addition, by increasing the damage they do after being thrown away, it gives him a chance to pounce on his goals and reduce their health while they are at risk. It’s a brutal strategy and extremely useful, but it’s overshadowed by the overall damage to the tree at the bottom right, so it’s our second option.

The last tree to the left of Stain’s talent reduces the cooldown time of his E attack, Blade Dance, and significantly increases his attack while Aura of Fear is active, reducing the damage he suffers. Many players have indicated that you can choose between left or top right options. Both options are solid, but the dramatic increase in damage for Stain by traversing the tree at the top right feels much better.

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