The best skins for Wattson in Apex Legends

Best Wattson Skins

Pictures via Respawn

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is a brain with a sense of adventure. Her love for technology, electricity, ingenuity and soft plush Nessie is what makes her, well, she! In the fight against Apex Legends, Wattson is thematically focused on voltage and electricity, which definitely hits many of her skins. He is a brilliant mind with a good heart and an even better sense of adventure. Here are Wattson’s top 10 skins.

Top 10 Wattson Skins

This list is in order from the 10th best to the best skin below. These skins are obtained in a variety of ways, such as Twitch Prime, time-limited events, past battle cards, and store promotions, as well as year-round skins that can be purchased. This means that it is not a “guide” on how to get them, and we will not describe in detail how to do it – some will never be available again. This guide is about pure evaluation of aesthetics.

10. Sweet Dreams (Rare)

Sweet Dreams
Pictures via Respawn

This adorable purple and yellow unicorn skin adds magic to Apex.

9. Vaporwave (legendary)

Pictures via Respawn

The bright colors of this skin are amazing and the visor is also quite cool.

8. Strange Attractor (Legendary)

A special attractor
Pictures via Respawn

This leather has a very high sci-fi aesthetic, but it is not as interesting as some of its other variants.

7. Rocket scientist (legendary)

Rocket scientist
Pictures via Respawn

This red and gold discoloration looks great, with white fluffy bangs that complement it all.

6. Cyber ​​security (legendary)

Cyber ​​security
Pictures via Respawn

This color scheme is elegant and her makeup is in place. At this point in the list, we are definitely among the best of the best.

5. Haute Drop (legendary)

Haute Drop
Pictures via Respawn

This is definitely her best event Legendary skins and a hat and color scheme are great.

4. Dinomite (epic)

Pictures via Respawn

It is one of the rarest skins in the game and is also very adorable.

3. Cyber ​​Punked (legendary)

Cyber ​​Punked
Pictures via Respawn

This cyberpunk skin is definitely a stopper for the show. Black and hot pink look great together.

2. Kawaii tension (rare)

Kawaii tension
Pictures via Respawn

In our opinion, this is the best Rare skin in the game. It is so crazy cute and soft and good.

1. Ruby Joules (legendary)

Ruby Joules
Pictures via Respawn

Here it is, an exclusive repainting business that stands miles ahead of its more common counterparts. Ruby Joules’ precious skin has beautiful makeup, a stunning red color scheme from head to toe and a cool pointed, flashy jacket. It’s such an unexpected and bold color palette for Wattson skin. She looks so beautiful and real. Definitely number one, no competition.

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