The best skins for Octane in Apex Legends

The best octane skins

Pictures via Respawn

Octavio “Octane” Silva lives for adrenaline and that’s what Apex Legends brings. It is a fast action, function and mostly elegant and aerodynamic patterns. From the threatening spider to the adorable cheetah, Octane has reach. Many of his skins also have the unique appearance of prosthetic limbs, making this daredevil look stylish from head to toe. Here are the 10 best Octane skins.

Top 10 octane skins

This list is in order from the 10th best to the best skin below. These skins are obtained in a variety of ways, such as Twitch Prime, time-limited events, past battle cards, and store promotions, as well as year-round skins that can be purchased. This means that it is not a “guide” on how to get them, and we will not describe in detail how to do it – some will never be available again. This guide is about pure evaluation of aesthetics.

10. Wicked Intent (Rare)

Bad intention
Pictures via Respawn

This is the only rare skin on the list, purely because of the amazing tattoos on her arms and abdomen.

9. Oni’s Shadow (legendary)

Oni's Shadow
Pictures via Respawn

This blue and bronze discoloration brought new life to the older legendary leather.

8. Jade Tiger (legendary)

Jade Tiger
Pictures via Respawn

The design of this leather is stellar – the only thing that could be done better is the colors.

7. Sonic Boom (legendary)

Sonic Boom
Pictures via Respawn

This cold skin, on the other hand, is about color. The pink, blue and black combination makes a statement.

6. Arachnoid Rush (legendary)

Arachnoid rush
Pictures via Respawn

This cool skin is based on the octane edition of Apex and emits the main vibrations of Spider-Man characters.

5. Dasher (legendary)

Pictures via Respawn

This Christmas skin is a bit off the left field compared to everyone else and that’s why it’s so great. It is fun!

4. El Tigre (legendary)

The Tiger
Pictures via Respawn

This skin did everything the Jade Tiger skin couldn’t. This stunning discoloration is one of the best.

3. Extreme measures (legendary)

Extreme measures
Pictures via Respawn

This discoloration is great and is also popular with non-binary players because it matches their pride flag.

2. Fast fashion (legendary)

Fast fashion
Pictures via Respawn

Octan’s mask literally says “> w <." How don't you love it? Great hair and clothes too.

1. Wild Speed ​​(legendary)

Wild speed
Pictures via Respawn

In our opinion, this look for ALGS promotion is simply perfect. Cheetah cat Octane in a cute latex-looking outfit? Hello? We are obsessed with this skin. It’s definitely the best of ALGS promotion and one of the best skins in the game. We would like to see its future discoloration. It’s perfect for Octan, because he’s mainly interested in speed, and he’s not much faster than a cheetah.

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