The best skins for Mirage in Apex Legends

Best Mirage Skins

Pictures via Respawn

Elliot “Mirage” Witt is about his appearance in the ring. It’s important for him to look good for his audience and in the fight. So naturally Mirage has some of the hottest and funniest skins in Apex Legends. From a living, breathing nutcracker or a thrilling pirate, Mirage always turns the entrance, the scene and the exit. Looking at every skin Mirage has, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10. Let’s take a look at the best Mirage skins.

Top 10 Mirage Skins

This list is in order from the 10th best to the best skin at the bottom. These skins are obtained in a variety of ways, such as Twitch Prime, time-limited events, past battle cards, and store promotions, as well as year-round skins that can be purchased. This means that it is not a “guide” on how to get them, and we will not describe in detail how to do it – some will never be available again. It is almost purely an evaluation of aesthetics.

10. Performance Artist (Rare)

Performance artist
Pictures via Respawn

While clothes aren’t much to look at, Mirage’s bold cat-eye makeup has made this skin on the list.

9. Prestige (legendary)

Pictures via Respawn

As for legendary skins, this skin is quite basic, but it is clean and looks good on it.

8. Captain Bamboozle (legendary)

Captain Bamboozle
Pictures via Respawn

Mirage as a pirate is just a great idea. This skin was colored later, but the original is much better.

7. Red carpet (legendary)

Red carpet
Pictures via Respawn

This coloring from the second anniversary event stands on its own and the blonde hair is bold.

6. Show stopper (legendary)

Show stopper
Pictures via Respawn & Shrugtal

A futuristic cowboy is just a fantastic concept, no matter how you cut it.

5. The Wise (legendary)

The wise
Pictures via Respawn

This is the best skin for Mirage. The Nutcracker concept was adorable and well delivered.

4. Angel City Hustler (legendary)

Angel City Hustler
Pictures via Respawn

This skin lives in our heads free of charge, probably partly due to this amazing mockup of goods.

3. Middle stage (legendary)

Middle phase
Pictures via Respawn

It was a draw that gave 3 and 4, but since this skin was so rare, he won the duel.

2. Seaweed Cheater (legendary)

Seafoam cheater
Pictures via Respawn

This discoloration is amazing skin – radiant armor is essential.

1. Ghost Machine (legendary)

Ghost machine
Pictures via Respawn

While it’s just a basic legend, Ghost Machine is by far the best Mirage skin. Cold armor, blue hair, how good his body looks in it – no discoloration or other alts of this skin surpassed the glory of the original. This skin is the epitome of who is Mirage: Great hair, great ass, great games. He knows he looks good, and he wants everyone in the ring to know.

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