The best skins for Loba in Apex Legends

Best Loba Skins

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Loba Andrade is a rich and stylish thief who chewed to the top in the world of werewolves. It’s one of the few supported Legends in Apex Legends, but it’s just as easy to play selfishly. At a young age, she was orphaned by another legend, Revenant, and played every game with revenge in her heart. This bloodthirsty, bisexual femme fatale is in some of the best ways over-the-top, so let’s dive into it. Here are the top 10 Loby skins.

Top 10 Loba Skins

This list is in order from the 10th best skin to the best skin below. These skins are obtained in a variety of ways, such as Twitch Prime, time-limited events, past battle cards, and store promotions, as well as year-round skins that can be purchased. This means that it is not a “guide” on how to get them, and we will not describe in detail how to do it – some will never be available again. This guide is about pure evaluation of aesthetics.

10. Self-reflection (legendary)

Pictures via Respawn

To be honest, we love clothes, but that awful makeup pushed him to number 10.

9. Elegant (rare)

Pictures via Respawn

The color scheme of this skin is really nice. The black, gold and red combination suits Loba well.

8. Pack Hunter (rare)

Pack Hunter
Pictures via Respawn

These eyes really sold. It gives the skin a unique look that no other Loba skin has.

7. Gold standard (legendary)

Gold standard
Pictures via Respawn

This skin is pretty cool – even though it’s the least exciting of Loba’s legendary basic skins, we like the look.

6. Red Handed (Epic)

Pictures via Respawn

This fiery look definitely attracts attention, but it is not as good as its original variant.

5. Torrent (Epic)

Pictures via Respawn

We can’t get over the hair on this skin. Yours iconic. We would like to see her hair in similar colors again.

3. Bootlegger (legendary)

Pictures via Respawn

This variant of the Gold Standard is much better. The choice of colors is bold and white hair looks great.

3. Haute Hoplite (legendary)

Haute Hoplite
Pictures via Respawn

Loba is very lucky with the legendary skins of events, but voila: here stands her only good one.

2. Purple Reign (legendary)

Purple government
Pictures via Respawn

This leather, hairstyle and clothes are very cool and futuristic, but its variant is even better.

1. Off the record (legendary)

Pictures via Respawn

This is one of the best skins in the game – end of sentence. She slips into the androgynous and almost masculine side of Loba, which we rarely see, and the colors are absolutely stunning for her. From white robotic plates, through red make-up to a short red hairstyle: she looks like she’s just come out of her own sci-fi movie. The highly fashionable look also pairs perfectly with Loba as a figure. We’re dying to see more short hair Loba skins. 11 of 10? Can we say that? Well, we just did it.

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