The best skins for Crypto in Apex Legends

The best cryptoskins

Pictures via Respawn

Tae Joon “Crypto” Park is a highly qualified hacker Apex Legends, known for his high-tech drone. He lives under his alternative identity of the Apex “Crypto” games and always on the run from those after his true self. While in the actual plot of the game Crypto can’t draw much attention to himself, skins are not always part of the canon. This allows our hacker to dress up to nine and not be targeted. Let’s take a look at the 10 best crypto skins.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies

This list is in order from the 10th best to the best skin below. These skins are obtained in a variety of ways, such as Twitch Prime, time-limited events, past battle cards, and store promotions, as well as year-round skins that can be purchased. This means that it is not a “guide” on how to get them, and we will not describe in detail how to do it – some will never be available again. This guide is about pure evaluation of aesthetics.

10. Azure Gaze (Rare)

Azure Gaze
Pictures via Respawn

White hair looks good on it and we like the mystical look of this skin.

9. Cyber ​​Attack (Rare)

Cyber ​​attack
Pictures via Respawn

Hair and color scheme look great. We would love to see more purple on Crypto.

8. Whitelisted (Legendary)

On the whitelist
Pictures via Respawn

The robotic elements are very cool, but the boring jacket and name have reduced the place on the list.

7. Blue steel (rare)

Blue steel
Pictures via Respawn

This skin is not popular, but we think it is strictly underestimated. Cyberpunk aesthetics look good for Crypto.

6. The Hired Gun (Legendary)

Hired weapon
Pictures via Respawn

This skin is great and Crypto looks incredibly polite. It is perfectly paired with the Smooth Operator pose.

5. Winter’s Grasp (legendary)

Winter's Grasp
Pictures via Respawn

This discoloration is so strange. It is ideal for the winter season.

4. The Devil’s Advocate (legendary)

The devil's lawyer
Pictures via Respawn

This leather is a stealth crossover, made to dress in the style of Dante from Devil May Cry.

3. Midnight Cipher (legendary)

Midnight cipher
Pictures via Respawn

This vampire discoloration from the Halloween event is in place. It fixed everything that was missing in the first version.

2. Holy Spirit (legendary)

Consecrated spirit
Pictures via Respawn

This skin looks like something from the Overwatch universe, and that’s a compliment. It’s a great design.

1. Hype Beast (legendary)

Hype animal
Pictures via Respawn

While hair is a weak spot, this skin as a whole is simply the best. It’s ridiculous and that’s part of why it’s so fantastic. Skin is canonical “how Tae Joon Park would dress if he didn’t hide his identity.” We just love the story, the colors, the open jacket, the rippling abdominal muscles, and the tattoos on his chest. Crypto just went so high, and we appreciate being able to see his side. When we wrote this, there was no doubt that we would get the number one place.

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