The best Riven build in League of Legends: Wild Rift

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Riven is an interesting champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Her passivity relies on her build up charges on her blade. You can do this three times with three abilities. Each time you make a basic attack with this charge, you inflict additional physical damage on your opponent, making you even more deadly in battle. Riven has an average dose of toughness with even less usefulness, so you want to be on the offensive with it and maintain an aggressive style of play, especially if you play it in the role of the jungle. Here is the approach we will use when creating a Riven assembly.

Best Riven build

  • Black cleaver
  • Voracious Quicksilver
  • Dance of Death
  • Guardian angel
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Youmuu’s ghost blade

These will be the primary choices you should consider when playing Riven each time. You always want to start with a long sword and get to Black Cleaver. Depending on how your match happens, you may want to buy a Gluttonous Quicksilver first or work your way up to Death’s Dance, depending on how you and your team are doing. Then you’ll want to build a few more defenses to help protect yourself from some heavy enemy attackers, so Guardian Angel is a solid choice. With that under your belt, you want to pick up Sterak’s Gage and then Youmuu’s Ghostblade. The choice of Ghostblade is determined by how much Riven relies on her abilities, and the more often she uses them, the stronger her basic attacks during combat.

You can swap some of these options for Riven to see what works better for you, especially if you prefer to play with real-life stuff. You try to use the Mortality Reminder to apply Grevious Wounds whenever you strike with physical damage, or Bloodthirster to increase your physical life and each of your exaggerated healings creates a shield around you. It’s a good pairing for Ki Burst, Riven’s second ability, to instantly stun a target and gain a shield to defeat them. Mercury fibers could also work. You can try experimenting with Duskblade from Draktharr, but sometimes you will have to find a way to enter the tall grass, which could prove problematic for a long-term game.

Riven is a fast champion and when you use it you want to keep it on your enemies’ heels.

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