The best Pokémon teams for the Ultra League in Pokémon Go – June 2021

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Another PvP grind arrived in Pokémon Go for the Season 8 Battle League, featuring the Ultra League. You will need to create a team of three Pokémon that do not exceed 2500 CP. There are several other options to choose from, and as XL candy has become much more common, players are taking advantage of a lot of Grand League options, making them ideal tips for this goal.

We have some exceptional options that are a constant favorite whenever a new Ultra League appears, but due to changes since the Poison attacks since the beginning of season 8, we have some surprising suggestions.

The best Pokémon teams for the Ultra League

Swampert, Altaria and Registeel

Registeel is one of the best defensive Pokémon you can find in the Ultra League. If you use this Pokémon, don’t forget to bring it closer as your neighbor, giving you a solid defense that most players won’t be able to defeat unless they explicitly plan to. For your main Pokémon, we recommend using Swampert, another Pokémon that is difficult to face. Altaria is a solid choice for your switch because it has consistent damage.

  • Registeel: Lock (fast motion), focus and flash the cannon
  • Swampert: Mud (fast movement), water cannon and earthquake
  • Altaria: Dragon’s breath (fast movement), sky attack and moon explosion

Scrafty, Cresselia and Mandibuzz

As a powerful Pokémon leader in support of Cresselia and Mandibuzze, we recommend Scrafty. It is a suitable Pokémon with a large number behind it and has an excellent fast attack, which you can spam against the enemy and put a lot of pressure on him. For the ideal choice of switch, we recommend Cresslia, one of the best Pokémon for the future, capable of spamming its charged moves, and it’s hard to beat. The last option is Mandibuzz, which is a solid narrower Pokémon.

  • Cresselia: Psycho cut (fast movement), grass knot and moonburst
  • Scrafts: Counter, foul, play and power-up strike
  • Mandibuzz: Snarl, foul, ace of air

Talonflame, the shadow of Venusaur and Alolan Muk

Although not a legendary or mythical Pokémon, Talonflame has earned a reputation in the Ultra League as an excellent lead Pokémon, which can do great damage against most Pokémon. He has a good range of attacks and it may be good to put some serious pressure on the shield. To support this, we recommend the shadowy Venusaur and Alolan Muk. Alolan Muk may be in the Switch position, where you reserve your shadow Venusaur for your loved one.

  • Talonflame: Spalte (fast movement), brave bird and flame
  • Venusaur (shadow): Whip vine (fast movement), crazy plant and mud bomb
  • Alolan Muk: Snarl (fast movement), dark pulse and cannon shot

Articuno, Snorlax and Machamp

For those who have had the opportunity to capture the standard Articuno, the Ultra League is an ideal place to use it. It is a powerful lead Pokémon and has extremely useful charged moves that will knock out many of the greatest fighters in the Ultra League. To support this, we recommend using Snorlax and Machamp. For your Switch Pokémon, use Machampa, who has a phenomenal attack power and can expose strong shield pressure at any time in combat. It will be difficult for your loved one to defeat Snorlax due to his high defense and perseverance.

  • Articuno: Ice shard (fast motion), ice wind and hurricane
  • Snorlax: Licking (quick movement), body strike and earthquake
  • Machamp: Counter (fast movement), cross chop and return

Abomasnow, Politoed and Steelix

If you want to avoid the legendary and mythical Pokémon, we recommend using Abomasnow, Politoed and Steelix. Abomasnow is a reliable Pokémon that has been featured in the Ultra League for several seasons and has remained almost at the forefront. Politoed, closer to the beginning of 2021, rose to the top with a new set of moves and became the powerful Switch Pokémon that many coaches are afraid to face. In season 8, Steelx became a dark horse that doesn’t expect much, but with the increase in strength added to the dragon’s tail and the fact that it is steel, Steelix is ​​an excellent closer Pokémon.

  • Abomasnow: Powder snow (fast motion), meteorological ball (ice type) and energy ball
  • Politoed: Mud (fast motion), meteorological ball (Water-type) and blizzard
  • Steelix: Dragon’s tail (fast movement), distress and earthquakes

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