The best moveset for Ariados in Pokémon Go

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Ariados received several new upgrades to Pokémon Go for the start of the Battle League 8 season. Almost all of his meta attacks received little change and also learned how to use a Bug attack type. All of this is good for Pokémon, and although it may not still be one of the better Pokémon used in the Grand League, it’s a good Pokémon depending on which team you want to use with it and what Pokémon you want to have on your team.

Ariados is a Bug and Poison Pokémon. It will be weak against Fire, Flying, Psychic and Rock moves, but is resistant to Grass, Fighting, Poison, Fairy and Bug attacks. Be resilient to the struggle and advantages of Fairy-type Pokémon to combat these possibilities, especially in the Grand League.

These are all the moves that Ariados can learn.

Fast movements

  • Attack (Bug type) – 6 damage and 4 energy per wheel (2 damage per wheel) – 3 wheels
  • Poison Sting (poison type) – 3 damage and 4.5 energy per move (1.5 damage per move) – 2 turns

Charged movements

  • Cross Poison (Poison-type) – 50 (60) damage and 35 energy (12.5% ​​chance to increase user attack by two rows)
  • Lunge (Bug-type) – 60 (72) damage and 45 energy (100% chance to reduce opponent’s attack by one position)
  • Megahorn (Bug type) – 100 (120) damage and 55 energy
  • Shadow Sneak – 50 damage and 45 energy

When it comes to choosing a fast moving Ariados, you want to go with a poisonous stab. The recent increase in turn attacks makes it a much more useful addition to Pokémon attacks, especially when it is a poison type. While attack can be helpful in terms of damage and energy, it’s a slower attack than a poison sting, and recent poison sting enthusiasts have a new ideal fast move for Ariados.

Another option you want to consider is the charged move you want to teach Ariados. You have four options, and Lunge is the latest addition to this movement set of Pokémon. Despite the addition of a lunge to Ariadus’ move set, it doesn’t jump out as a better choice than a megahorn. The megahorn requires only 55 energy, and given how much energy Ariados can generate with a poison sting during battle, the amount of damage a megahorn can do is devastating. The best-charged moves you want Ariados to learn will be cross poison and megahorn.

Ariados is in an interesting place. It doesn’t have the best stats, but because it’s a Bug and Poison, it’s an ideal choice in the Grand League. With buff to poison sting and cross poison, it is a much more desirable choice and we strongly recommend players to experiment with them in their battles at the beginning of season 8.

The best set for teaching Ariados is a quick poison sting, along with charged movements of cross poison and megahorn.

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