The best mounts in Final Fantasy XIV Online

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If you want to get there in style, your mount defines your character and the presence they have on the road, especially in Final Fantasy XIV Online. Your mount is an extension of your character and the achievements you have achieved in the game, with many dungeon-related rewards or special unlocks that you can complete. Your favorite mount may not be the best, but it is yours. These are some of the best montages we found in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Battle tiger

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There is nothing more frightening than taking a battle tiger into battle. The tiger is well protected by layers of armor, but it is also a dangerous creature in itself, with a massive spike gushing from its front end. Battle Tiger is a wild horse that lets everyone around you know you mean business, and it’s a fast paced horse.


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The guardian of hell, Cerberus, protects the gates to prevent the undead from escaping, and you can ride around this world with this creature. The holder comes with three scary heads that scare anyone who stands in your way when you fall on the battlefield. Cerberus has no armor, but does not need strong skin and sharp teeth. This holder is massive and is not the one you use for browsing.


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The Firebird is a magnificent mount that can take you wherever you need in a flashy style for antenna selection. The mount may seem a little over the top, but it’s ideal for use when traveling between tasks and you can explore the whole environment from a bird’s eye view.

Flying armchair

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If you prefer a much more relaxed mounting, the Flying Chair is a very comfortable choice. It’s a chair you can sit on, let you rest while you wait for your party members to catch up with you, and then you can lead the way with it. The Flying Chair has an incredibly simple design, but it goes well with any decor if you want to sit down for magic before setting out on another adventure.

Gilded Mikoshi

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If you have too much Gil to handle, the gold-plated Mikoshi holder is the perfect drop to add another luxury holder to your collection. The gold-plated Mikoshi costs 50 million Gil, which you can buy, and apart from the price tag, there is nothing special about it. All you have to do is hit this price tag and you should be able to buy this holder whenever you want to buy it. Mount can be a fun way to show off your wealth to everyone around you while flying through the city. The gold-plated Mikoshi is as much a statement as a useful example.


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The Managarm holder looks like a mixture of a wolf, a dragon and another fantastic animal, all in one holder. This creature is not massive to ride, but it is fast, so it is an ideal choice if you want to enter a place and remain undetected. It is much easier to omit this mount than would be the case with other options, and its overall design makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to lean on their inner demon.


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If you prefer a more machine choice, Menoetius is a motorcycle-like choice with sharper ends than a razor-sharp sword. With a set of white-blue flames coming out of the end, you can spin this engine to race in front of anyone who may try to tune you. Mount was available during The Feast: Season 15.

Model O

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Speaking of machine holders, the Model O is another unique choice. It is modeled to look like a creature with four arms and move around them, similar to a spider. As it flies in the air, the holder slides these arms under it, curls into a bean shape and takes you to your next destination, protecting you all the way.

Red Baron

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The Red Baron is a massive mountain you can control and in a few seconds it will become one of the tallest individuals in your group. Although, due to the large size of the creature, it can be a bit difficult to turn around, you will be able to do some sharper corners with some training. You will need to purchase this holder as it is not unlocked in any other way.


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For fans of Norse mythology, Sleipnir’s horse Odin rides is a gift from Loki. This horse was blessed by the elder Primal Odin and is suitable for all riders, small and large. Like Mount Red Baron, you can buy Sleipnir from Mog Station for a fee. Unfortunately, you can’t exchange this mount, so you won’t try to offer a trade to another player for it.

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