The best Minions in Final Fantasy XIV Online

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Minions can follow you during your adventures in Final Fantasy XIV Online. They usually don’t do too much to directly affect your game, but they are extremely beneficial to be a reliable companion that you can have by your side. There are many favorites to choose from that you can take with you, and these are some of the best that you can take with you and how to get them.

Bacon Bits

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Bacon Bits is a faithful companion who flies around you with his powerful ears and watches your adventures. When you communicate with Bacon Bits, for example, when you feed and push it, Bacon Bits performs some special animations that you can do while you wait for your dungeon group to move on to the next spin. Plus, he’s absolutely adorable.

Blue bird

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If Bacon Bits is not your preference, then the Bluebird is another alternative animal that flies around you as you run around, take part in events and complete the latest task. Bluebird also has specific interactions with your emotion when you use it, such as movement in front of you when you clap, or food from your hand when you use handover. It is a small bird and few can see it, but it is your reliable companion that will never be too far away.

Dolphin Calf

If you’ve always wanted to bring a little Dolphin Calf with you so you can go on an adventure, now’s your chance with the Dolphin Calf minion. It requires no water, so you don’t have to make sure it floats through everything but air. It’s a little creature that flies through the air and follows you during your adventure, and it’s exactly what you would imagine from a little dolphin, but even more adorable.

Little Leafman

For those who would rather have a magical companion than a small creature fluttering near you, Little Leafman is a good choice. It has several leaves on it to distinguish itself as a leaf, but mostly it is a small green creature that looks as if the much larger ones are wandering around Mhega. While not as adorable as the previous options, Leafman will let you caress and make a unique animation. For this reason, the Little Leaf Man rises to the top as one of the best companions.


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You won’t see that little minion wandering around the world too much, but it’s an adorable addition to your collection and you can have Littlefoot watching you. As you stroke the creature, it poundes on your chest, almost as if you dare to challenge you. Although Littlefoot doesn’t win when it comes to being the most adorable, the fire in his heart and the wild nature of his pounding in the chest can win your heart.

Nana Bear

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What could be more adorable than a teddy bear with a handkerchief wrapped around its neck that watches you and wags its tail like a dog? Almost nothing beats him, and Nana Bear is something we strongly recommend that anyone add to their collection, especially if you like to sit and pay some attention to your companion when hanging out with friends. If you push Nan Bear, he will sit on his hind legs and look at you with full attention.

Silver Dasher

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Returning to the theme of birds and flying companions, Silver Dasher is another option if you want a bird to follow you around. While it may look like a simple silver bird, its back had a distinct dark brown color that settled directly against the sharp gray and black feathers of the Silver Dasher. If you leave Silver Dasher outside while you play and leave, you will eventually decide to rest on your shoulder and cuddle next to you.

Major General

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The Major General reports for duty and is a small shark with beautiful dark eyes and adorable teeth. The big difference for a major general is that he has small legs so he won’t swim in the air next to you. Instead, he will run right next to you while watching you. If you stroke him, the Major General will jump on his stomach and swim around in a circle on the ground directly in front of you.


Another favorite that we want to discuss as one of the best options of Final Fantasy XIV Online is Trike. The little triceratops has green skin and will cuddle right next to you while you sit down. If you stroke Trike, he sits up and looks up at you as you stroke him, showing how much love he really has for you to take with you. Like a major general, he makes a sensible great creature a much smaller creature that makes him a perfect favorite.

Wind-up Warrior of Light

A much more frequent favorite for players will be the Wind-up Warrior of Light. Although the Wind-up Warrior of Light does not have the same level of pleasure as many of the animals listed in this section or unique creatures, he is a companion who is covered in armor and carries a distinct sword over his shoulder. is watching you.

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