The best MCS-880 Loadout in Battlefield 2042

Image via Electronic Arts

The MCS-880 is the only shotgun option available in beta, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth using. This shotgun contains a strong blow that connects well with an aggressive player who is willing to risk his games. If you like to rush to the battlefield with 0 remorse, this may be the weapon for you.

We recommend the following attachments:

  • View – Fusion Holo
    • + Clear picture
  • Barrel – Factory barrel
  • Magazine – # 01 Buckshot
  • Mount – Flashlight
    • + Visual damage

After this compilation, the DM7 statistics are as follows:

  • Firepower – 75
  • Accuracy – 30
  • Range – 37
  • Handling – 34
Screenshot by Gamepuru

The MCS-880 is a weapon designed to be a powerful and reliable melee weapon that doesn’t actually shine anywhere else. This means that when it shines, it shines brightly, and if you’re in a room with this shotgun, you can cry. Add a fusion holo for a clearer image and a flashlight to blind anyone who dares to look at you.

In a sticky situation, you could switch to a round snail shell and aim at the head for quick kill with 1 bullet. In addition, you can use the aiming attachment for a little more stability when aiming down. While these options are available, you should never find yourself in place with this weapon and other weapons do what round snails do, but much better.

Try using a specialized Mackaya for its agile feature, which allows you to move much faster while pointing down. Mackay is also equipped with a hook, which should allow you to close the distance between you and the enemy team before they know what hit them. You can also use its hook to shrink buildings, giving you the opportunity to slip on rooftop camps and remind them that there are other areas on the map.

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