The best LCMG loadout in Battlefield 2042

LCMG is a light machine gun, to which Battlefield 2042 players will have access in a beta version. Unlike some other weapons, which require special planning of the strengths and weaknesses of the various annexes, the LCMG is straightforward.

We recommend the following attachments:

  • View – Shan 2.5x
  • Barrel – Armcom tactical muzzle brake
  • In stock – Standard edition
  • Mount – Cobra Grip

This is what LCMG statistics look like with this setting:

  • Firepower – 56
  • Accuracy – 61
  • Range – 60
  • Handling – 42

For comparison, these are the basic LCMG statistics:

  • Firepower – 56
  • Accuracy – 54
  • Range – 56
  • Handling – 44

We’ve only taken a two-point drop to manipulate, which most players won’t notice when combining the benefits of combined range and accuracy. The Anti-Material Rounds supply reduces handling by another five points, but is also only intended for vehicle damage.

LCMG pairs well with Assault or Engineer specialists depending on the player’s preferred game style. The Assault Specialist Grab Hook can be used to shorten distances and penetrate powerful actions, while its passivity partially helps alleviate the added weight of the weapon.

With Engineer, on the other hand, LCMG players focus more on holding positions than attacking them. LCMG in combination with the tower creates an impressive defensive line. If other players drop their own towers, they will do more damage thanks to the passive engineer.

The standard Engineer package comes standard with the Recoilless M5 in the gadget slot. For most players, we recommend replacing it with an FXM-33 AA bullet, as it is aimed at the lock. The Recoilless M5 is a better choice for more experienced players, as they will not be tied to a targeting system from which they can free those at the receiving end.

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