The best horror maps in Rec Room

Horror maps Rec Room

Image via Rec Room / @ helow2

Rec Room is known primarily as a VR game with many opportunities for healthy social interaction and gaming, but you need a lot of fear at all times. Rec Room authoring tools allow players to create their own rooms and games, and creators have created lots of spooky games for others. Some are just showcases of a haunted house and others require players to be more active. These are only ten Rec Room horror maps, which are listed in alphabetical order and are recommended by us and community members.

Under the depths

Rec Room Beneath the Depths
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @Squirrelador

In this user-created room, you will explore the cave deep below and study a creature called “Dreaded.” Collect five CO2 tanks and escape from this dark and claustrophobic cave armed only with a flashlight and no other way to defend yourself.

Camp Lone Pine

Rec Room Camp Lone Pine
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @Utinni

Summer camps and cabins in the woods are a common space for horror food, and Camp Lone Pine lovingly uses both of these tropics. Despite the warning to stay away from the cabin across the lake, of course you will set out on a journey and experience the horrors inside – recommended headphones.

Circus Freak

Rec Room Circus Freak
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @Squirrelador

Circus Freak takes advantage of the common fear of clowns and throws you into a twisted maze, where you are chased by a killer clown. Collect presents and avoid this clown and maybe you will survive.

Darks Haunted World

Rec Room Darks Haunted World
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @WaverlyWorkshop

Invite your friends to go for a walk in this haunted environment. On your way you will see a number of creative creatures and creations. Make sure you have a lot of selfie on this atmospheric map with the scariest of these pop-up monsters.

Funhouse maze

Rec Room Funhouse Maze
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @DrummerGeek

Everyone loves a good funhouse, but Funhouse Maze is an absolute nightmare. Go through the maze and face your fear of clowns and other circus-related phobias to hit eight checkpoints, and you should be free and (hopefully) sensible.


Rec Room The Haunting
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @Brovados

This riddle room starts at Camp Black Bear, where a forest trail takes you to a nearby haunted mansion. Cool sound effects help enhance the detailed and sometimes unreal environment as you try to walk and survive.

He set Freddy on fire

The Rec Room set fire to Freddy
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @SKULLgaming

Since Five Nights at Freddy’s is such a mainstream hit, it’s natural that any authoring tool platform will have a lot of imitators. The most popular FFAF as in the Rec Room – the one that inspired its own imitators – is Ignited Freddy, where the object is simple: run away and don’t shout at scary jumps.

It has no face

Rec Room has no face
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @Dinosaur.

Explore this cool and colorless environment and meet a mysterious and terrifying creature. You can play It Has No Face yourself, but it is best to stand up to this creature with some company.

Phobia Frenzy

Rec Room Phobia Frenzy
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @ EnderBoy2882

Play in either Experience Mode or Story Mode in Phobia Frenzy, a room with a variety of scenarios designed to creep into your mind. Take on the monsters and other terrible and disturbing glances and get ready for some scary jumps and a little gore.

SCP Blackout

Rec Room SCP Blackout
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Creator: @Mortimer

The fictitious SCP organization is represented in a number of Rec Room creations, but SCP Blackout is unique in that it contains PvP elements. Play as either monsters or containment crew members and complete your objectives, but watch out for the other side.

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