Super Animal Royale redeem codes (June 2021)

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Super Animal Royale is an indie battle royale where you can choose to play as one of many animal creatures and become the best winner of the match. Unlike many traditional battle royale titles, Super Animal Royale plays you from top to bottom and you will be able to see other enemies coming after you in the game. If you survive against other players and become the last person out of all 64. There are several codes you can use to add more cosmetics to your game, enhance the experience and improve your character over other enemies you fall into.

How to apply Super Animal Royale codes

When you are ready to redeem any of the Super Animal Royale codes you come across, you want to go to the COG icon at the top right of the screen and click on it. Then you want to go to the option called “coupon code” and you can go. You can enter any of the required codes and send them.

All Super Animal Royale codes

These are all currently active Super Animal Royale codes. These are uppercase and lowercase letters.

  • CRISPRmas
  • HOWL
  • LOVE
  • NLSS
  • USA

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