Sony Bend director says “never say never” in wake of Days Gone 2 cancellation reports

Director Sony Bend says “never say never” following reports of the cancellation of Days Gone 2

It was announced over the weekend Sony Bend, developers Days gone, threw the sequel Sony – but the publisher rejected the potential Days Gone 2 before starting development.

Instead of Days Gone 2, according to a Bloomberg report, Sony Bend was tasked with producing a new Uncharted title under the supervision of Naughty Dog.

Days Gone Director Jeff Ross appears to have interviewed fellow Sony veteran David Jaffa in response to these allegations. Twisted Metal and original designer God of War directed an interview with Ross to the idea that Sony is maligning smaller games and shifting attention to the West.

Ross simply replied, “Never say never, it’s just … maybe not right now.” So if you’re grieving the loss of a potential sequel to Days Gone, you can calm down a bit that the show hasn’t been lost forever.

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The fallout from Sony’s decision not to allow Sony Bend to continue working in line in the immediate future was not negligible.

It seems that according to the same Bloomberg reportSony assigned a group from the studio to develop a new game, Uncharted, under the supervision of Naughty Dog, while a second team from Sony Bend was then merged with Naughty Dog to work on a multiplayer game.

These decisions caused a storm in Bend and led to a small exodus in the studio, as many employees feared that they would simply be transferred to Naughty Dog at some stage in the future.

Days Gone has launched mixed reviews from critics, but seems to have found a weakness in the heart of the gaming audience as a whole. When the Gameerror was launched in 2019, it called its story “very stupid”.

If you want to try it now, you can download it to the PS5, which runs at 60 frames per second in dynamic 4K resolution. Days Gone will also come to PC this spring and is one of the games available this month on PlayStation Plus.

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