Some Black Ops Cold War players receiving Sail 630 Nuclear Bug error have had their bans removed

Some Black Ops Cold War players who received a Sail 630 Nuclear Bug have their bans lifted

It seems that some players did not cheat in the end.

The Treyarch removed the bans on some players Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War who received the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug error code.

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According to Charlie Intel, The Sail 630 Nuclear Bug has been around since early April and the Zombies crashed on a PC while playing at high levels.

PC players reported receiving an error code after being at a high game (50+) in the Zombies. After the bug appeared, players found out that they were permanently banned through

After many messages from the players, Treyarch responded to the messages, and the community manager of the studio said that the investigation had been completed and that the invalid prohibitions caused by the error would be lifted. This is, of course, after checking the account ban, because some bans were issued legitimately.

“The Sail 630 nuclear bug report is really a disconnection report as it was previously shared and has now been noticed by your colleagues.” If you are disconnected in the middle of a match, this error may occur. ” Foxhound said on reddit.

“Recent account recovery has been reviewed and, if necessary, accounts that are presumed to be operating in good faith have been restored. Accounts that contain additional signs of abuse will retain their enforcement. As always, we recommend everyone to enjoy Zombies on a PC within the terms of the service. “

The players were still a little wary and asked if it was really safe to play Zombies at higher levels. Foxhound replied that players are indeed safe when playing on a PC under the terms of service.

The new Black Ops Cold Ware season begins on Thursday with a nuke event scheduled the day before. The event will welcome the transition of contemporary Verdansk to a version themed in the 1980s.

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